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Google Me This, Google Me That

Recent key words and phrases that brought readers here, in order of most popular…

50’s fetishes
low water immersion dying
twisted threads
amish stuffed peppers
she loves my balls
where can I find gangsta outfits back in the old days
track marks on hand
fleur farine
morbid pleasure
death fetish models
balls are fun to play with
amish zucchini patties recipe
wanna play with my balls?
amish country chew
as snug as a bug shower

In conclusion, I would like to state that there are some seriously sick puppies out there and google seems to direct them straight to my blog. The bright side, at least they’re not showing up at my door!



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Where’s Jim Fowler when you need him?

Seriously, there is never a dull moment in my office! Today we had a small taste of good ol’ Wild Kingdom.

I was on the phone with a vendor when my boss walked in from outside with a broom in one hand and 3 squeaking, squirmy baby squirrels lying in a dustpan in the other.

Randy: “What do I do with them, should I throw them into the dumpster?”

Me, slightly freaking out: “Oh my god Randy! Get them out of here! Take them back outside! I think you’re poking it with the bristles!”

The customer service rep on the other line was unable to maintain composure and starts laughing hysterically. I told her this would be a great tape to replay during their next holiday party!

Apparently the squirrels fell out of the nest, or were kicked out by their mama, and ended up falling onto the hood of his BMW. I can only imagine the look on his face when he realized what was going on. I told my boss, to call the Humane League, who in turn directs us to call the Wildlife Rescue. I ended up dropping them off on my way home from work, where they will be cared for until they can be released.

Here is a picture of the little rodents in their makeshift nest.
I can’t help myself, I’m an animal lover. Even it they are just tree rats, they are babies and helpless. Besides, It could be worse. I could be like my sister in law who stops traffic to help a turtle across the road or dumps out her briefcase so she can place a car struck rabbit in it to transport it to a vet!

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A Morbid Pleasure

I love cemeteries, I always have. I find them to be beautiful, peaceful and intriguing. Most likely this stemmed from my mother taking me on picnics in them when I was little. We would go to market, pack our basket with goodies and head then down the street to enjoy them on the neatly kept grass. I would wander around reading the epitaphs admiring the weather worn stones.

My office is directly across the street from Mellinger’s Cemetery in Lancaster. Often I take a mid day stroll through the quiet grounds to refresh my mind. Yesterday I took my camera.

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