It’s On!

An all out war. I promise to suffocate, disembowel and destroy you and your troops. So whatever you’ve got, Bring It! I play to win. I. Always. Win.



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2 responses to “It’s On!

  1. I use a concoction of Organic Neem Seed Oil, water and liquid castile soap. Here's the quick and dirty…the soap suffocates them while they are on your plants and the neem oil makes the plant inedible…totally safe for humans!!! It's the only thing that saves my basil from being devoured! You can also try Diatomaceous Earth…it will disembowel their soft under bellies. Again, all natural and safe! However, I don't fight nice!!!

  2. eeeeek!!! go get them girl!!! something is eating our snap peas…. have any natural insecticide recipes that you've had success with?

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