Oh Baby!!!

Yesterday was the first day that was without precipitation for about a week, granted it was still overcast most of the day, but rain free non the less! I decided to take advantage and ventured out into my garden to see what needed to be picked. Rain tends to push plants to fruit so I was anticipating a nice harvest. I was SO not ready for what I found…3 Rabbits joyfully scampering about in a veggie wonderland. I instantly saw RED! The corn culprits were caught red handed and here I was blaming it on the tree climbers all along! Once they caught sight of me it sent them into a sheer panic! They quickly hopped right through my fence and out into the safety of the adjoining back yards. Apparently they have been sneaking into my garden through the top openings of my variegated rabbit fencing…bastards! Turns out I scared the one so bad she gave birth!

Aren’t they cute, in a hairless, squirmy, closed eye kinda way? I think it’s the ears! 🙂 Being one who always has a camera at my side I snapped a few photos and a bit of video while mama watched from a distance.

A friend of mine is eagerly awaiting the birth of her first child, a little girl. Today is her due date but alas, still no baby. I offered to come over and *scare* Lily out of her! 🙂


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  1. I'm waiting to find baby bunnies in my yard…thinking its just got to happen. Very cute : ) (but not so cute when they nibble on your garden)

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