Oops I Did it Again

I shorted out my brand new iPod Touch, only took 6 days for it to stop working! I made an apt online with the Genius Bar at the Apple store, so after I got out of work I headed right on over. I was hoping a tech adviser could get it back to a working state or at least tell me what was going on. Dude was like”Yeah, I have no idea what’s wrong with it so we are just gonna trade it out for another new one.” I’m thinking thank god because I wasn’t really in the mood to go all crazy bitch on the poor guy. But in all seriousness what the F is going on!?! This is now my 4th iPod since September and it confirms my theory once again that it really is my personal electromagnetic field that causes them to stop working. I’m really not iPod compatible! 😦


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One response to “Oops I Did it Again

  1. I have the same problem with microwave ovens. 😉

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