Stuffed Peppers

I. Love. Food. No seriously, I do. Don’t let my size fool you I can eat like a horse, and more often than not I DO! I’ve mentioned it before but I will remind you again, there is a very good reason that my best friends are executive chefs. Some of their creations are panty dropping, literally! Every once in a while I can come up with a pretty killer creation. My friend Josh stole my Chicken Salad recipe and ran it as a special at one of his restaurants in Boston, did I get credit, NOOOOOO! But he did sell the shit out of it. 🙂

This creation is neither special, nor inventive, but it is easy peasy and damn good. My BFF made them recently for a girls night get-together so this is technically her recipe but with my twist. My additions are noted with an asterisk.

Stuffed Peppers:
3/4 lb ground lean turkey
1 pkg Uncle Ben’s Ready Rice in the Spanish Style blend
1 pt jar canned organic tomatoes*
3 oz tomato paste* (she uses spaghetti sauce)
garlic powder*
parmesan cheese*
chopped onion*
mombasa powder*
black pepper*
olive oil*
sour cream or cheddar cheese

Cook turkey in olive oil until browned. Heat rice and combine with tomato paste, canned tomatoes, chopped onion, parm and spices. (I don’t measure so just add to your own personal taste) Stuff inside hollowed peppers and bake with tops on at 350 for 50 minutes.

Garnish with sour cream or cheddar…I am a sour cream slut! It’s light, so you can add more! 🙂

Like I said easy peasy!


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