Over Priced Toys

As luck would have it my iPod decided to stop working. I turned it on the other morning only to be greeted with the frowney face. Translation – I need to buy a new one. SO. NOT. COOL. This is my 3rd iPod in 7 months!!! I swear it is my electrical energy that shorts them out. I have issues with electronics ALL THE TIME! This post says it all! I once had to step back from the register at the fabric store so it would work…the lady behind the counter was like OK, you weren’t kidding, you’re a freak, get out of my store please before something else stops working.

Tonight after leaving the office I b-lined right on over to the Apple Store and spent 2 very wishy-washy hours painfully debating my replacement. At first I was gonna get the 130 gb Classic. Pro- it will hold all my music, pictures and movies…great for when gym induced cardio boredom sets in! Con- it has internal moving parts which increases your chances of it crapping out on you. Then I was gonna get a 16gb Nano and a 2gb shuffle…shuffle was strictly for the gym, nano was for all my music. Pro – no internal moving parts and great price points. Con – not enough storage. Then it was the 32gb Touch, the one I was secretly lusting for all along. Pro – Um Hello, it kicks ass! Con – Um Hello, did you see the price tag!!! I was so not going to drop that kind of cash on something so unnecessary…that was until I found out is had WiFi along with a bunch of other super sweet capabilities! That was also when my business savvy side kicked in and I realized I could write it off! 🙂 SCORE!


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