Common Sense Check

I would love to know what mental giant at PennDot decided to start street sweeping route 30 during this morning’s RUSH HOUR commute!?! Traffic was back logged for miles and miles! Of course luck would have it that this little event happens to coincide when I am about to run out of gas. When my tank reads 3 bars it translates into *get your ass to a gas station NOW*! I found this out the hard way a few years ago when my SUV kept stalling out sitting on a steep incline. I only had the vehicle for about a month so I had no idea what was going on. My then mechanic informed me (while rolling his eyes, OK not really, but I know he wanted to!) that I was simply out of gas. I’m like OK, I’m dumb! I was so use to driving my Eclipse which would run for days on fumes, literally! How I miss that little car! So there I sat bumper to bumper with the rest of Lancaster County wondering what the freakin’ holdup is. I’m thinking it is an accident because the minute the weather turns nice around here people start driving into each other. After creeping along for what felt like forever I finally approach the scene to find PennDot employees sitting in their vehicles doing what…NOTHING! Seriously! And to top it off today is going to be 92. It is hotter here than in Florida and Hawaii!


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