Just Checkin’ In

I haven’t been blogging much since I have a lot going in the real world, which takes away from my cyber world. Here is a whirl wind photo tour of what I’ve been up to:

Custom Patchwork Tree Dress, finished it this morning. I’ve been getting up around 5:30 each morning to get in some sewing before heading into the office. It seems like it takes so much more time to create a piece in 2 hour increments!

This years *main* garden is approximately 36’X30′. I have several other small herb gardens around the property. I can’t wait till I can start brewing *Meadow Tea*!! My Lancaster readers know just what I am talking about! 🙂 I took this picture about 3 weeks ago, since then I have hoed it by hand twice and my veggies have now started to break through the soil!

Sugar Peas



Spring Mix

I transplanted 14 today and 12 on Friday. It is going to be a pot luck of what variety is growing since they were left over from my neighbors bird seed mix that she dumped into the garden. I have lots of Strawberry Blond seeds from last year that I plan on growing as well.

These are last years farm/festival pockets. I got a bit of shit from the guys last year when I made them to hold my bank, lip balm and other stuff. 99% of the time I am in a skirt and I never have pockets. Since I was constantly making change for customers at the produce stand I had to use something, so I made these. The first time Josh saw them he totally laughed at me but admitted they were a good idea…especially since I was carrying around HIS money! You can see me wearing them in this post…scroll down to the picture where I am stringing pepper garland. I changed the design a bit after wearing them on a windy day. I ended up sewing the top of the leaf to the belt…way better idea since that stopped them from flapping around like Dumbo’s ears! Now they double as my garden carry-alls and hold seed packets, my iPod, lip balm and any other thing I need to stick in them!



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2 responses to “Just Checkin’ In

  1. Thanks Kelly! They really came in handy last year on the farm and I got lots of *what a good idea* compliments from customers.I want to make more pockets for this year in different colors and designs so that they will match my skirts that don’t have pockets.

  2. Gorgeous dress (but of course it is *smiles*)!!I love your leaf pocket! I’ve been telling my husband that I need to make myself some pockets or a utility belt or something because I don’t like carrying a purse (yeah they are cute, but it is something extra to grab and I am so not the grabbing extra type) and most of my skirts don’t have pockets OR if they do have pockets they aren’t sturdy enough to hold stuff or the bumps my stuff makes in the pockets look weird and so on with the or this and or that *smiles*By the way – you can borrow my son any time for lawn work. He just LOVES doing it. He doesn’t know how to cut in the lawn yet, but he can do that bulk part.

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