Sleep is Overrated

Yesterday it was the rooster up the street who decided to start crowing at 5 am…the sun was no where near being up mind you! Today PenDot has stadium lights shining in my bedroom as they dig up a section of my street directly outside my house. Dude, it’s quarter of 6! WTF?? I thought those guys don’t start working until like 8 am or something. When ever I drive past road construction they are all huddled together shooting the shit leaning on their shovels and what not. Seriously what does a girl have to do to get some sleep around here?!?

As for crafting news…I know, it’s been a while…I am working on a custom dress and should have pictures to share next week.



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2 responses to “Sleep is Overrated

  1. That sucks! Fortunately they are done, HOWEVER, all traffic is being rerouted down my little street M-Th due to construction on Main St. There is no parking for the first 200 yards past the corner from 7am till 5 pm because of 18 wheelers making the turn. My house of course is the last house to be affected and this is going to go on until FREAKING AUGUST!!! The icing on the cake is neighbor dude has the audacity to bitch about the parking situation when he parks his car lot OVERFLOW on our freaking street!!! He is such a tool! Unfortunately I wasn’t out when he was bitchin or I would have called him out on his douche baggery behavior!

  2. just hope they’re not slow asses like the dopes who did the gas lines in front of our house this past summer….. every morning with the jack hammer at about 7 am….. for like 2 weeks straight!!!! then the dumbasses screwed it up and had to come back and redo it a month later!

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