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Over Priced Toys

As luck would have it my iPod decided to stop working. I turned it on the other morning only to be greeted with the frowney face. Translation – I need to buy a new one. SO. NOT. COOL. This is my 3rd iPod in 7 months!!! I swear it is my electrical energy that shorts them out. I have issues with electronics ALL THE TIME! This post says it all! I once had to step back from the register at the fabric store so it would work…the lady behind the counter was like OK, you weren’t kidding, you’re a freak, get out of my store please before something else stops working.

Tonight after leaving the office I b-lined right on over to the Apple Store and spent 2 very wishy-washy hours painfully debating my replacement. At first I was gonna get the 130 gb Classic. Pro- it will hold all my music, pictures and movies…great for when gym induced cardio boredom sets in! Con- it has internal moving parts which increases your chances of it crapping out on you. Then I was gonna get a 16gb Nano and a 2gb shuffle…shuffle was strictly for the gym, nano was for all my music. Pro – no internal moving parts and great price points. Con – not enough storage. Then it was the 32gb Touch, the one I was secretly lusting for all along. Pro – Um Hello, it kicks ass! Con – Um Hello, did you see the price tag!!! I was so not going to drop that kind of cash on something so unnecessary…that was until I found out is had WiFi along with a bunch of other super sweet capabilities! That was also when my business savvy side kicked in and I realized I could write it off! 🙂 SCORE!


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Common Sense Check

I would love to know what mental giant at PennDot decided to start street sweeping route 30 during this morning’s RUSH HOUR commute!?! Traffic was back logged for miles and miles! Of course luck would have it that this little event happens to coincide when I am about to run out of gas. When my tank reads 3 bars it translates into *get your ass to a gas station NOW*! I found this out the hard way a few years ago when my SUV kept stalling out sitting on a steep incline. I only had the vehicle for about a month so I had no idea what was going on. My then mechanic informed me (while rolling his eyes, OK not really, but I know he wanted to!) that I was simply out of gas. I’m like OK, I’m dumb! I was so use to driving my Eclipse which would run for days on fumes, literally! How I miss that little car! So there I sat bumper to bumper with the rest of Lancaster County wondering what the freakin’ holdup is. I’m thinking it is an accident because the minute the weather turns nice around here people start driving into each other. After creeping along for what felt like forever I finally approach the scene to find PennDot employees sitting in their vehicles doing what…NOTHING! Seriously! And to top it off today is going to be 92. It is hotter here than in Florida and Hawaii!

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Just Checkin’ In

I haven’t been blogging much since I have a lot going in the real world, which takes away from my cyber world. Here is a whirl wind photo tour of what I’ve been up to:

Custom Patchwork Tree Dress, finished it this morning. I’ve been getting up around 5:30 each morning to get in some sewing before heading into the office. It seems like it takes so much more time to create a piece in 2 hour increments!

This years *main* garden is approximately 36’X30′. I have several other small herb gardens around the property. I can’t wait till I can start brewing *Meadow Tea*!! My Lancaster readers know just what I am talking about! 🙂 I took this picture about 3 weeks ago, since then I have hoed it by hand twice and my veggies have now started to break through the soil!

Sugar Peas



Spring Mix

I transplanted 14 today and 12 on Friday. It is going to be a pot luck of what variety is growing since they were left over from my neighbors bird seed mix that she dumped into the garden. I have lots of Strawberry Blond seeds from last year that I plan on growing as well.

These are last years farm/festival pockets. I got a bit of shit from the guys last year when I made them to hold my bank, lip balm and other stuff. 99% of the time I am in a skirt and I never have pockets. Since I was constantly making change for customers at the produce stand I had to use something, so I made these. The first time Josh saw them he totally laughed at me but admitted they were a good idea…especially since I was carrying around HIS money! You can see me wearing them in this post…scroll down to the picture where I am stringing pepper garland. I changed the design a bit after wearing them on a windy day. I ended up sewing the top of the leaf to the belt…way better idea since that stopped them from flapping around like Dumbo’s ears! Now they double as my garden carry-alls and hold seed packets, my iPod, lip balm and any other thing I need to stick in them!


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Sleep is Overrated

Yesterday it was the rooster up the street who decided to start crowing at 5 am…the sun was no where near being up mind you! Today PenDot has stadium lights shining in my bedroom as they dig up a section of my street directly outside my house. Dude, it’s quarter of 6! WTF?? I thought those guys don’t start working until like 8 am or something. When ever I drive past road construction they are all huddled together shooting the shit leaning on their shovels and what not. Seriously what does a girl have to do to get some sleep around here?!?

As for crafting news…I know, it’s been a while…I am working on a custom dress and should have pictures to share next week.


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April Fools Day…


I was adjusted 2 days ago by my chiropractor. Yesterday I was a bit soar which is normal after my neck is cracked. Today I can barely move my head, which made for a fun day at work. Seriously I have never been in this much pain! I had to lift my head off the pillow this morning.

Now my bread machine decided to play a prank and jumped off the counter! Hopefully I can still save the loaf of cheesy jalapeno bread…unless it decides to not rise which would so be my luck!

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