In Like A Lion…Out Like A Stampede??

Getting my ass whooped by mother nature was SO not on my to do list for today. The weather forecast read possible showers and thunderstorms in the MORNING, then clearing in the afternoon with highs in the upper 60’s…AWESOME!

The sun was out, all was good and I was mentally making plans for this years garden layout. Just as I was about to hop the fence and get a little dirty several cumulonimbus clouds started rolling in. Not wanting to let a little bit of weather stand in the way of my planting I continued on. Then it was like someone turned out the lights. Without warning the sky opened up and the furry was unleashed! Horizontal rain and quarter sized hail began pelting my exposed skin! The holy mother of destruction was showing no mercy! I ran for cover back to the house. After about 15 minutes the madness stopped and calm weather has once again returned. Unfortunately my garden is now a sloppy muddy mess and seed sowing will be pushed to another day.



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4 responses to “In Like A Lion…Out Like A Stampede??

  1. I ended up pulling out the fence my neighbor built last year around what was her side of the garden…her husband did a piss poor job (who happened to be a farmer once apon a time??) and it had unearthed itself after winter. The side Jason and I built held up great! So I dug a trench around the parimeter and reburried it…the bunnies around here are ruthless! After that and leveling out the freshly turned soil, which took 4 hours I was wiped, so instead I opted to cut back my grape vine. My plan is to get those seeds into the ground tomorrow!!!!

  2. I thought you’d already gotten those babies in the ground! Have a great week mama!

  3. We’ve been getting a lot of rain as well. Every day that I have time after work to start planting it freakin’ rains! I have some extra broccoli, sunflower and bean seeds (maybe more) if ya are interested. I also thought of doing a seed swap with some mamas.

  4. That sucks! Its cold as hell here in kentucky today and its been raining for 2 days! It was so hot last week I actually went down to 1 layer of clothes, summer clothes at that! Now this?! its crazy. I hope things look better for you soon, and good luck with your garden this year, I am still planning mine!

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