Old Timin’ Gangsta Days

My mother is on a mission to clean out the attic, translation- get your shit outta of here! When I went home this past weekend I was presented with a box of high school memorabilia. Upon opening it I found some pictures.

Every year my mother’s company would hold their annual picnic at *The Sweetest Place on Earth* aka Hershey Park! My brother and I were always allowed to bring a friend along. Each year we would dress up and get our picture taken. Looking back I am really grossed out about the clothing. Not the style but of the cleanliness. I guarantee they don’t dry clean the costumes very often! All those sweaty tourists squeezing into the various get ups…TOTALLY GROSS!!!!

Rachael and I summer of 93
Georgia and I summer of 94
Jason and I summer of 95

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  1. hilarious…especially since i was thinking dr.dre : )

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