Poop on My Tires

Yes folks you read it right. Poop, the Horse kind. Today I drove all over Amish Country visiting two different repair shops with misty eyed hopes of getting my machine fixed. When one said they couldn’t do it, I was sent to another dealer who happened to be all the way on the other end of the county! GRRRRR I figured people get a second medical opinion so why not mechanical. So I drove and drove and drove only to get another no. 😦

I did get to check out some really sweet Janomes, Baby Locks, Brothers and Elnas along the way. My favorite was the Janome MB-4 embroidery machine coming in at a little under 6 grand! Oh one day my sweet, I will possess you! I’m sure for those of you who are not crafters and stitchers and unaware of the investment you are taken aback by the price tag. Don’t be, I’ve seen embroidery machines that are 20 grand. Yes you heard me right, $20,000. They do everything but butter your toast…well maybe there is even a program for that now! Stitchers did you know that Marie Osmond has her own line of Janome machines??? The one I saw retails for $1400 and I must say it was pretty sweet except for her signature on the side…that was kind of queer.

So for now I have a new Brother, it has all kinds of bells and whistles. I am looking to trade up to the NX-250 but at $700 it will have to wait a bit…hopefully not too long though! Better get to stitching and hopefully sellin!!!


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