A Date With Don

In the last 5 minutes I managed to break my main sewing machine and see stars.

Earlier today I noticed my machine was not making the same kitten-like purr while running at full throttle. Also the hand wheel seemed to not want to turn as easily as it normally does. I figured I would finish stitching the row of patchwork that I was working on, open her up and clean out the lint. Maybe that had something to do with it. Nope.

I didn’t think it was anything too serious. I just wanted to complete the wee bit of remaining patchwork for this skirt I am working on, so I kept on sewing. That was probably a mistake, no let me rephrase that, it WAS a mistake. I should have stopped right there. But nooooo I had to keep sewing, all because I need to get this skirt finished for the update. I figured I would take her in for a professional tune up this weekend. It would be a perfect time since I am going to be taking pictures and working the site and I won’t be sewing for a few days anyway. Well that plan just went to shit! It was like I was watching an old projector movie frame by frame. The needle slowed to a painful crawl for about 4 stitches, an alarm screamed and then the screen flashed 00. Now nothing moves! So tomorrow morning at 10 I will be meeting with Don my friendly sewing machine repair man.

Thankfully I have a back up machine so I can continue with my work. However, in all my excitement and drama about the machine I didn’t realize I moved my chair so far back when I was tinkering around. So when I went to sit down I landed on the hard floor with a painful thud! I saw little white stars, scratched my back, got a headache and scared the crap out of the cat! Now I am completely annoyed and all I want to do is chill out with a bottle of wine and a movie!


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  1. haha! thanks for giving me a good laugh….. not that I would have laughed if I actually saw you do it, i swear 🙂

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