Mastering Fashion

I’ve always been a non conformist, especially when it comes to fashion. I say fuck trends, fuck them up the butt! hehe Why would you want to dress like everybody else? Chances are if it’s *cool* this season, it is going to be *out* the next. I can’t afford to keep up with seasonal wardrobe revamps! I prefer to take on a more unique approach to my style. As a child I was allowed to dress myself, which was my major form of expression. This continued through my young adult years. Here I am in high school with my best friend circa 1993. She allowed me to dress her that day. 🙂 I was always the odd one in the group. Obviously I’m the one with the long brown hair. How I miss those olive one stars!!!! I was usually adorned in bright vintage attire, sporting chucks, birks or docs. I was also not a stranger to being called a freak, to which I always had a quick witted retort at the ready. Once I was out of the house and off to college I started dying my hair. It has been several shades of brown, blond, red and purple. My mother was not very enthusiastic with the latter. Long purple locks were pretty sweet in my opinion though. 🙂

Now a days most of my garments are of the handmade persuasion with a few vintage gems. This skirt is one of my favorites! It’s vintage 70’s, velvet, super heavy and very warm, as in wind stopping warm! I’ve even posed in it for a sculpture because of the way the fabric drapes and creates lines.Sometimes function has to come before fashion. I refuse to become a member of a gym and go up invisible stairs for hours and pay for it. Instead I opt to exercise outside, which I will admit SUCKS in the winter! I kid you not this is what I look like when I go running.
That would be a Whals blizzard suit I am wearing, you know the kind you see construction workers in. I LOVE IT! Not only am I able to be outside when the temps are in the teens and not be bothered, except for my exposed skin which is easily protected with my wool scarf, but the beast weights about 5 pounds! At first it was a real challenge to try to run in it and not look like a complete asshole but I think I’ve mastered that skill! *I think*. hehe I do love people’s expressions when I go trotting by. I’m sure they think I’m completely nuts…and well, I am! At least I know and accept it. 🙂



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5 responses to “Mastering Fashion

  1. hahaha Heather…I’m so glad I could evoke so much emotion from you! 🙂 I see a lot of runners in spandex around here too. I DON’T do Spandex it makes me throw up in my mouth! 🙂

  2. oh man your blizzard running suit get up has me crying! if i saw you running down the road in that I might think I need to turn around and drive the way your going, in fear that you’re running from some nuclear explosion or something…. but that’s from being used to seeing everyone running around here in those spandex pants and a tight t-shirt in the middle of winter, what the hell???? i have one of these suits for the dayjob 🙂

  3. Your post was fun to read! I admire your running suit! You go girl!

  4. what can I say…I just gotta be me! 🙂

  5. OH. MY. GOD. I so wish I was your neighbor because you would hear me laughing each and every day. I can’t even type, I’m laughing so hard.

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