Never Fails

I woke up this morning and it looked like old man winter crapped all over the place! Don’t get me wrong it’s not that I don’t like snow. It’s more of the shoveling I dislike, especially when little balls of ice are pelting me in the face and the snow on the shovel weighs more than a sumo wrestler!

I was sitting at my computer reading blogs and sipping coffee wondering how long I should wait for the snow fairy to appear. By 11 I figured it was a no go, so I bundled up, grabbed my shovel and headed out the door. Doesn’t it figure no more than 10 minutes AFTER I was finished I hear the the little twerp motoring down the sidewalk with his blower! Murphy’s Law sucks and I fall victim every time!


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  1. Old man winter had some major diarrhea in Kentucky LOL I got pics on my blog to prove it! LOLI like to look at the snow but I hate it cause it keeps me trapped. Even though I would never leave the house anyways it pisses me off to think I CANT leave the house LOL.

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