Goin’ Where the Weather Suits My Clothes

Oh Yea baby! In just a few short days I will be in Port St Lucie soaking up the sun and gettin’ sand where it don’t belong! I’ve been in a bit of a slump lately and I think this is just the ticket to get me out of it! I’ve been longing for the endless days of summer, with it’s warm air and fresh produce. Winter tend to put me in a melancholy state of mind. Don’t get me wrong, I love living in an area that experiences all four seasons, but there is just something about warm weather that does it for me!

All day I’ve been packing and transferring my stockpile of must have CDs onto my iPod. I’ve also been cooking the fresh veggies I have in my fridge into freezable entrees. This trip was kind of last minute and since I went to the food store last week, I have an over abundance of food that will spoil by the time I return…DOH! Not to fear, an enormous batch of curry is here! It is basically the same recipe that is posted here but I added WAY more veggies, omitted the ginger and added mombasa. This shit is HOT!!!I’ve also set my phone up to access the web while I am away since where I will be staying is not internet ready…and I really don’t see myself making a trip to Starbucks everyday for their WiFi. I’m not sure how long I will be gone so it just seemed like the right thing to do. 🙂

I have many reasons to be ultra psyched for this trip, for instance:

1. Abundant Sunshine which leads to sun kissed skin, so I don’t look like a cancer patient (which happens during the winter because I am very fair skinned and tend to look sick if I don’t have makeup on.) Trust me, I’m not making this up folks! I get the “Haven’t you been feeling well?” sympathy looks all the time! Very annoying!!

2. The ocean. I LOVE the beach, the way it sounds, the way it smells. Never mind the annoying sand getting in places where it’s not supposed to, like your mouth, 3 weeks after you are home. Why is that? You’re just minding your own business, vacation has been over for a while and crunch, you bite down onto a grain of sand. Gross. I also love how sand will get you tan faster because of the sun reflecting off it. Calm down I wear sun block. I probably won’t get into the water though, seeing as how last time a freakin’ crab latched onto my ankle and wouldn’t let go! I kid you not! You should have seen me, I was screaming jumping up and down trying to shake it off under water. My step mother was like WTF is wrong with you?? I’m like “CRAB-CRAB-CRAB it’s on ME and I can’t get it OFF!!!!!” That was about 8 years ago and I haven’t gotten in since! If it ain’t chlorinated to the point where it burns my retina and I can see the bottom, forget about it!

3. But my main source of excitement is visiting my la grand-mère whom I have not seen in several years! How I miss her! I still write her via snail mail. During the war when my le grand-père was stationed over seas she played the part of *Rosie the Riveter* and was a welder. Before and after the war my les grands-parents owned a sewing shop which is probably where a lot of my sewing passion stems from.

My only fear about going to Florida is the lack of man candy. It is not spring break yet, so I don’t have college boys to look at and seeing as how the median age is, oh say 85, I’m not really into blue haired marble bags! But I am trying to stay positive and hopeful! 🙂

Another bummer about my trip is I am not driving. Which translates into no detouring to visit with some of my stitchin’ sisters along the way, like Lacy and Libby. 😦

On a completely separate but useful side note. I LOVE wine and have a little tip I want to share with you. When drinking a glass of white just toss a few frozen grapes into your glass as opposed to ice, which melts and makes your wine watery. The grapes help keep it chilled and double as a tasty treat once your glass is finished. 🙂


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