A Date with Pooh

Today a celebrity was in my little town. This is not just any famous person either. He is a house hold name all over the world and just so happens to be the center of my niece’s universe. Who is this super star you ask?? None other than Winnie the Pooh.

When I read Pooh was going to be visiting the Manheim Library I knew Cecelia was just going to freak if she didn’t get a chance to see him. Well, OK, not really since she is not even 2 yet, but she does love him a whole lot! When I saw I had to call to make *reservations* my first thought was “oh dear god, this thing is going to be bursting at the seams with rowdy, snot nosed ankle bitters…obviously! My second thought was “great, no man candy to distract me from the screaming munchkins either, it’s gonna be all moms and their little monkeys.” Much to my surprise we had Pooh all to ourselves! It was like a private LA screening just for us…score! Apparently the first time Pooh visited they over advertised and it was like nightmare on Sesame St! This time in a conscience effort not to have a repeat of last time they under advertised, way under advertised! Apparently the local daycare was due to drop in but they didn’t, at least not while we were there. So again, score! And just to clarify one thing, it’s not that I don’t like children because I do, kind of. I went to school to be an elementary teacher, I just don’t like loud children in large groups that I have no control over.

Now it is time for our show and tell portion of this post.

At first Cecelia wasn’t quite sure what to make of the life sized Pooh and she was very stand offish…at least for the first 3 minutes. She showed big Pooh her bear. She would make the rounds by pointing to the Pooh’s on her dress…made by me of course, then her bear and then the big bear!All of a sudden it clicked and she was like a bear to a honey pot! The librarian read a Winnie the Pooh story to her where it was Pooh’s birthday. Then there was an activity where you placed stickers onto the birthday hat. She was more interested in putting them in her hair and on Pooh.
It was time for Pooh to go back to the 100 Acre Woods so we said our goodbyes and thanked him for a wonderful visit!
Our next stop was my favorite local diner for lunch. I had my usual, an egg white veggie omelet, Cecelia had french toast and Krystal had chicken salad. It was Tigger-iffic! OK sorry about that I am still in Pooh mode! I included this pic because you can kind of see the bib where I cross stitched a dragonfly and frog on for her.
After we had full bellys it was back to Aunt DD’s house for some grown up chatter. I gave CC my box of Liquid Blue Dead Bears to play with. She immediately went for Jerry…good girl! 🙂 Of course I had a Winnie the Pooh beanie in there as well. 🙂I also let her play on the piano. She was quite impressive in her musical debut!




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2 responses to “A Date with Pooh

  1. hahaha thanks mama! Too bad you don’t live closer because I could see Cecelia and Maylee getting into some serious trouble together! They go together like dildos and baby Jesus! lol

  2. AHHHH ITS SO CUTE! She is adorable and the piano thing is GREAT!Oh man you wasnt joking! This blog post is so full of sugar sweet cuteness I am gonna puke, but in a good way! LOL please hug her for me when you see her again, she is ADORABLE!

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