Rants, Rambles and a Wee Bit of Crafting

Shhhh, I am totally hiding right now. I am currently under a blanket with all the lights out barely breathing as to not let my presence be known. OK not really but in my head I am! What has me in this state of panic you ask? Working on my god-for-saken website! Trust me I am not being lazy, I logged in over 8 hours yesterday adding my Eco tote bags and leg warmers. I still have coasters, napkin rings and eventually my domestic goddess aprons which need to be rephotographed, I just haven’t gotten around to it. I’m sure I’ve mentioned it before but I will say it again, I HATE UPDATING MY SITE!!! It wouldn’t be so bad if the program I used would not freeze up every few pages. That is what takes me so long, the constant rebooting of my laptop. I could switch to another program which in theory *should not* give me so many problems but honestly I am comfortable with it. That is where the laziness comes into play. I just don’t feel like teaching myself another program at this moment. So instead I bitch about it.

Since I am putting off working on my site I thought I would come and hang out here for a while. I haven’t been doing a whole lot this year in the way of sewing. Well that is not entirely true but that is how it feels. My muse left and as a result I am in a creative slump. I have some ideas I want to bring to life. They are sketched out, the fabric has been washed, I just can’t get motivated to create them. I have however gotten around to completing a few little projects.

Project #1 Cell Phone Cozy

Truth be told I hate talking on the phone and I think the social obligation to answer it is bullshit. I had a cell phone when I went away to college but after all the “can you hear me now, OK how about now?” I got rid of it. I only signed up for another one because of my job in sales. I was GM for Budget Blinds and we sold custom window treatments and draperies. Don’t let the name fool you I had clients who dropped 10-15 grand on window treatments, they weren’t cheap! I loved that job, basically I got to hangout with women, drink coffee and talk interior design, plus I got to play with some really amazing designer fabrics to boot! Um hello you’ve seen my fabric stash so you can imagine my excitement. Any who I had to go to people’s homes and let’s face it, there are a lot of psychos out there! I could have ended up stuffed in someones freezer or chained to a basement wall. We always had to check in with my boss to let him know how the apt went and to confirm we were not lying in a ditch somewhere. Since my office had Verizon I joined that network as well…free in calling and whatnot. My contract ended last summer which is about the same time my phone started acting crazy. Apparently cell phones have an average life of about 2 years. I finally got around to changing carriers last week, being such a priority and all.

If dial up internet didn’t suck so much I would not have gotten another phone, that is how much I detest them. Seeing as how I am chained to the internet with my business I opted for a cable modem because I didn’t have to sign up for cable TV. Dial up you have to have a land line. I was not about to pay for a cell phone and a land line when I had to get the cell in the first place. My old phone was a flip phone and I could just toss it into my bag. My new phone is a slider with an exposed screen. Seeing as how I drop everything and Jimi LOVES to push anything he can get his paws on onto the floor I needed to make a little protector. I used wool felt with a button closure. I will probably embellish it with a butterfly or some mushrooms but for now it works. My screens’ background is Jimi hanging out in his favorite spot, the sink. I think he likes the way it cradles his fatness!Craft project #2 iPod cozy reconstruction

For the holidays one of my gifts from my brother and Krystal was a super awesome iPod case. It is so me!! It’s brown with flowers and decorative stitching. There is even a little bird on it! The only problem is my iPod doesn’t fit!!! Total suxville! Apparently iPods are way thinner now so the accessories are smaller. Mine holds about 20 thousand songs. So far I have over 5,000 songs and still have tons of Cds to burn onto it. Since I don’t watch TV I only listen to music so it made sense to get the one with 60gb of space…hence making it slightly larger. Not to worry I’m crafty! I ended up doing a bit of surgery on it by slicing open all 4 sides and adding brown wool felt…it is now PERFECT!!!!

This is the top view, I punched a hole in the felt which the original design did not have. Now I can use my ear buds and AUX plug without taking it out of the protective case, thus allowing it to potentially be dropped and pushed onto the floor…ahem Jimi!Bottom viewThe only thing that was a real pain in the butt was I had to hand stitch the felt into place. Since the original case was kind of thick I kept pushing the needle through my finger. This could have been avoided because I have a thimble at my disposal!!!


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  1. ugghhhh the dreaded site update, i hear ya on that one! Super cute cozies and I love the new goodies on the site!

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