Yes, I am a Bag Lady

But in a good way, a green way. I always have fabric bags with me when I go places. Not only is it better for the earth but some shops give you a discount for bringing your own bags! Grocery stores in California actually charge you for NOT bringing your own bags!

One of my goals this year is to make a serious dent in my ridiculous fabric collection. I have so much fabric that both, yes both of my shelving closets are at maximum capacity. Well the one is more like 90% and the other is at 110%. I actually have to remove the entire stack to extract the particular fabric I want. Yes folks, I have a serious fiber addiction, but hey, half the battle is admitting you have a problem…right??

I am able to rationalize having all this fabric because of my business. Eventually IT WILL be used and a lot of it is already designated for certain pieces that are still floating around in my head, they just need to be drafted onto paper and brought to life. In the first closet most of my fabrics are organized by color, hand dyed hemp is on the top shelf and vintage is on the bottom, which is two rows deep. The closet shown on the right is mainly corduroy, fleece, flannel, natural hemp, bamboo and a few ultra fabulous $25+ a yard I got on my last trip to Boston. Most shelves are two rows deep. Almost all yardage has been tagged with the purchase price. This way I don’t have to dig through years of *archived* tax records searching for a particular receipt when calculating a finished garments’ price. Everything is washed and ready to sew. I must admit it is nice to go shopping for fabric without leaving the house! All I have to do is open the closet doors!!

Now that I feel better having justified my obnoxious hoard of fabric to the online community I can get to the point of this post….Green Bags! I decided to start making that dent in my stash by creating fabric bags as another *low priced* item to add to my website and etsy shop. They are simple, no frills, fabric shopping bags. I will eventually be making some heavy duty duck cloth bags but wanted to start with these first. I think they will also be a good seller at the festivals since they are geared towards all consumers, not just those interested in hippie style patchwork and handmade clothing. So far I have cut out and sewn about 15 bags in the past 2 days. I still have a stack of fabric waiting to be made into more. Here is a picture of the ones I made today. Good things come to those who wait…or more like read. If you’ve made it this far you are in for a treat. In a conscience effort to save the planet, spread some love and keep my karma in check, I’ve decided to have a Green Bag give away! All you have to do is leave a comment about what you’re doing to save the planet to be entered into the drawing, which will be chosen through This means you can’t post as anonymous. It also makes my blog stalkers come out of the closet if they want a chance to win. The lucky reader will be chosen and announced next Sunday. Here is a picture of the bag being offered up for grabs.It measures approximately 17″ across the top, 13″ along the bottom and is 14″ deep. Good Luck! 🙂



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8 responses to “Yes, I am a Bag Lady

  1. Way to do Jennifer! Lucky duck!

  2. I assigned each comment a number and thanks to the help of the winner of the green bag is…#5 Jennifer! Congrats girl and thanks for doing your part in helping out our planet!

  3. Ok, I'm kind of exhausted…but totally drooling over your fabric stash!! What so we do to save the planet? -Travel coffee mugs-line dry our clothes when possible-garden-avid recycler..hehe-reduse waste by buying in bulk, preparing food from scratch-use free cycle…give away/donate unwanted items, as well as try to find things used before buying new-cold wash, eco friendly laundry detergent-canvas bags, baby!-bicycle & walk-no paper napkins, no paper towels, etc.-eco friendly cleanersI could ramble on…there's so much we can do, and every little bit helps!!

  4. Great bags. I’ve been trying to save the planet since I was in 4th grade! My favorite thing is single-sided paper. If the back is blank I print on it. I don’t think there’s a piece of pure white paper in our house. In 12th grade I accidentlly printed my global warming paper on single-sided paper. The teacher loved it so much I got extra credit! (It was an accident, trust me.) I also use cloth grocery bags and compost everthing I can get my hands on. My house is a weigh-point for freecycle, the local batter women’s shelter, and scrap metal recycling. My honey thinks I’m nuts, but it’s good to know I’m not the only one. Good luck on using down your fabric stash, it’s a neverending battle. -Sailor Figment

  5. Uhhhh, we here at Chez Nous think more about being green than we actually do stuff to be green. My neighbor across the street likes to move his four cars (two sedans, one minivan, and an SUV) in and out of the garage and driveway all day so his kids can play in the driveway, and everytime he cranks up the ignition so he can move a vehicle 20 feet, I cringe. Does that count?Regarding your closet: it may not be yarn, but I think it qualifies as stash. Good for you.

  6. beautiful bags! What I consider my top 3 saving the planet things are switching all of my cleaners over to eco friendly/non toxic cleaners as we used up the “bad ones”- healthier for the planet and our household; avidly recycling; and removing contaminated soils from properties at my day job as an environmental scientist- you think the world is a contaminated place above ground, you’d be shocked/amazed/disgusted at the crap that’s under the surface. There are so many other things that make a difference, just spreading the word and educating people (like you’re doing in this blog post!) makes a huge difference! Thanks for the sweet giveaway!

  7. Hey bag lady *giggles* I'm a bag lady too!!! Every time I go shopping people near me say, "Did you make your shopping bags?" I say yes and hand them a card. I sell quite a few of them locally that way. They'll do well for you when you vend!!I try to be conscious of saving the planet. Firstly, I am changing my hoarding ways. I want to shop from myself instead of shopping online. Seriously, I have slowed down on buying anything that doesn't have an immediate need for the past year. My new goal since new years is to buy absolutely nothing that isn't necessary — nothing. No craft supplies, no socks, no clothing, no nothing without it actually being needed — I have only fell off the wagon once & I bought some buttons. Hopefully my spending will come to a grinding halt. This will help save the earth and our budget. We'll be able to buy more organic with the extra moolah.The other things I do, I have been doing for a long time: use handmade organic laundry detergent, use handmade soap, recycle all the waste items I am able to – glass, aluminum, and paper, I donate anything that has any use left in it and re-purpose those that don't. As a crafter I make sure I have virtually no waste. I have a use for every little scrap — every little scrap. I mean even the teeniest weeniest scrap that you think no way, yup there's a way. So, since I am so busy using up all my scraps now I have enough supplies to last a lifetime (hence the do not buy unless you need it!!).Ok, there's my rambles!! I am sure there are many more practical things that I do that I didn't mention, but those are it.Oh, yes, I also bought the most fuel efficient car that my budget would allow. My husband did too. I carpool whenever possible & I always plan my outings so that I do as little driving as possible.

  8. I am first to comment OMG!I do lots of things to save the planet, I have an organic garden,I use pure soap laundry detergent to keep the chemicals out of the Ohio River next to me, I have some of those fancy Mercury based twisty lightbulbs that save energy…pray to god one never breaks. I also recycle and repurpose as much as I can, another great thing is I try to buy very few processed foods, this is better for our health and less packaging to throw out. Oh and when I do forget my cloth bags at home and I get plastic ones…I cut them up and crochet them into new reusable bags. I finished one last night, its cool. I do so much its hard to think of it all! if you put your mind into using less, then you will. Having parents that lived thru the depression helps too, I learned a lot from my dad.Good luck with your fabric addiction! I too share the same nasty addiction. I hide mine in the laundry room in huge tubs.Then there is the yarn addiction and now the wool addiction…its too much!I need 12 step programs for too many things~ LOL

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