Procrastination in Purple

I’ve been working on a blanket for Jason since we lived together in Indiana. This project has been going on, oh about 5 years now, but who’s counting?!? Thankfully he doesn’t mind that it is taking so long. “Art takes time” were his exact words and being an artist himself he gets it.

I am not a big New Years Resolution kind of gal. The way I see it if there is something you want to change about yourself you don’t wait for some holiday to roll around, you just start doing it. Plain and simple. Now with that being said I am about to somewhat contradict myself. I’ve decided to finish this god forsaken blanket This Year! It is more of a goal that a resolution anyway.

So why is this project taking me so long you ask? Well my problem is:

A. I crochet wicked slow! Each granny square (6 rows) takes me about 45 minutes, but in my defense I am usually watching a movie. My friend Jen, who taught me to crochet, can crank one out in about 20 minutes and that is even without watching what she is doing! She is awesome!

B. I can only crochet when it is cold. There is just something about touching yarn when it is hot outside that bugs me! It’s like it subconsciously raises my body temp or something.

C. I have overwhelming guilt if I am not using my time to create something I will sell.

I am almost half way done. Another reason it’s taking so long is every time I would show it to Jas he would ask me to make it bigger. Three times he did this to me! It started out 10×10 then was 12×12 and I put my foot down at 14×14…that’s 196 squares and 8,820 minutes or 147 hours!!!
My original plan was to make every square unique. Um yea, that idea went right out the window after I realized I would only have 4 solid squares. I was also spending way too much time staring at squares to see what I had already created. Thus far I believe they are all different but eventually I am sure they will repeat.

With that being said it’s time to pop in a movie and start crocheting!



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2 responses to “Procrastination in Purple

  1. That blanket is INCREDIBLE! I’ve always wanted to make one but have never taken it on. Keep at it!!

  2. its really pretty, but I just keep giggling because you said wicked…hehe…my family uses that word like its going out of style…

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