Fashionably Functional

I made a set of wool felt napkin holders for my mom for the holidays, along with a set of hand painted pressed leaf hemp napkins. She LOVED them as I suspected she would!I recently made several napkin ring sets for my etsy shop and listed them today…napkins are soon to follow. My favorite is the Butterfly with the Mushroom Trio coming in a close second! Despite their simplicity in design they really take a while to make, especially since I hand stitch the appliques. The blanket stitch was created using one of my machines. While making the napkin rings I kept placing them around my wrist thinking this would be a super cute cuff! Not sure if a wool felt cuff would arouse any interest, I filed it in the back of my brain for further investigation at a later time. After listing the napkin rings in one of my myspace photo albums I was instantly messaged by two different people. Both said how they would make awesome wrist cuffs. I guess I was on the right track after all. I love a dual functioning product! 🙂



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3 responses to “Fashionably Functional

  1. I don’t know what a wrist cuff is, but they make nice napkin rings.

  2. YES they would make AWESOME cuffs mama. I love those appliques SOOO MUCH! You are so mega talented. I often thought about getting into hippie type home decor stuff like this. Just little things like curtains and whatnot to hippie up the house. The napkin rings are an awesome idea too. You go girl!

  3. These are sweet!!! my fav is the butterfly one too 🙂 And yes, these would make great wrist cuffs too!

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