Snug As A Bug…

…in a Pixy Patch Hug! From time to time I get requests, mainly from my cousin, to make one of my fleece baby hugs. I made the first one a few years ago as a baby shower gift for my niece’s mama and it was a huge hit. I was so excited to hear Cecelia was brought home from the hospital wrapped up in my fleecy hug! I tried to download the pictures but I couldn’t get them off the CD…stupid Kodak Picture CD!!

To be honest I don’t really enjoy making them which is why they are not offered on my website. Trying to wrap bias tape around a corner while stitching several layers of thick fleece together can really try my patients. Here are the pictures of 2 fleece hugs I recently made for my cousin who is giving them as gifts to friends, both with little girls.
How they work is you slip the baby in the bottom pocket and then wrap the sides around the baby. Here is my friend’s little girl, Naomi Jain, modeling her baby hug made in a cute kitty print.



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3 responses to “Snug As A Bug…

  1. Thanks!As for the snow, technically no, as in this year. We did have some in Nov and Dec but it didn’t amount to much. I remember getting tons of snow as a kid and wouldn’t mind one good storm a year…seeing as how I have to shovel it!

  2. That is so cute and practical. I wish I’d seen it when my grandson was born. I love PA. Have you gotten any snow this year?

  3. Ooooooh Look at Naomi Jain!! I love babies!! Bias tape tries my patience every time *smiles* so I am right there with ya!!!

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