Coasting Thru

Mug Mats, Coffee Coasters, Tea Trivets, what ever you want to call them, I’ve got em!
Finally something I can make in a relatively short amount of time! Best part is they are all from scraps! I tend to not throw things away because no matter how small the piece I always feel like it can be put to good use. Pictured below are my slightly neurotic organizational skills hard at work.

The clear bin with the white top is for remnant sized scraps. These are all less than a yard. Below that in the green is where I keep my muslin for making petticoats. Moving to the right the top blue staples box is for cotton scraps below that is textured scraps, ie corduroy, suede, flannel etc. Then it’s hemp and other eco friendly scraps, below that is already pieced patchwork scraps. The Unika Vaev box is full of really kick ass designer samples that we got when I worked with custom draperies…2 years later and I still haven’t gotten into those yet. Then on the very end is herbal pillows, tea wallets and display stuff still packed from this years festival season and on the bottom is ribbon, bias tape and other odds and ends. One of my goals for this winter is to use up a lot of my scraps seeing as how all the boxes are totally full! Random patchwork here I come!

Here are some pictures of my coaster sets. Oh and remember those gale force winds I was telling you about, well I had to chase my coasters as they went blowing across the yard!

I’ve already made 8 of them, taken pictures and listed them in my Etsy shop! I have about 7 more sets to go. Every once in a while you just gotta make something small to feel accomplished, especially since I spent most of yesterday hung over, watching DVDs and eating greasy chinese! A day well spent! 🙂


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