Before & After

This past week I spent a good amount of time hanging out in the cold retaking pictures of my threads…have I mentioned before how much I HATE being cold!!! I discovered that I had the perfect picture nook hiding right in my backyard! What a difference natural light…or shade in my case makes! I hate that I now have to photograph my creations twice but it really does make a HUGE difference! I use to take pictures outside but over the years, well honestly I just got lazy! It was easier to set up a photo shoot in my studio (when Jason’s not around…he ends up crossing light beams and all kinds of technical crap that I don’t have the patients for!) then to go outside and battle the elements. It seems like the minute I step outside to take pictures a Nor’easter rolls in and gale force winds show up out of nowhere!! I am so not looking forward to modeling outside in the upcoming winter months! Maybe I will finally get a good grasp on photoshop and can just touch up my inside images! Here are some shots of what I’ve done so far, hopefully the *fresh* new look with entice some sales!



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7 responses to “Before & After

  1. I agree Kelly, it is very time consuming and so not fun!!!

  2. I love love love the pictures in front of the red wall — very cool!! Those are my favorites!! Taking and editing pictures is the worst part of our profession *bleck*

  3. Awesome 🙂 my house is entirely too messy to take pics inside. Really. You’d think a whole herd of water buffalo lived in here or something! Well, except no piles of poo…

  4. Thanks ladies! The new pictures seem to be working as I already sold the Butterfly skirt! Woo Hoo!! I guess that was the kick in the butt I needed to just suck it up and do it!

  5. Lively pics! I’ve been lazy taking pictures lately….it really does make a difference though!! Guess I should go back to freezing my behind off at the beach~*~

  6. wow what a difference! they look great, i especially love how the blue dress looks now, it really pops against the lovely red barn(?)!

  7. It’s interesting to see the depth come out, too. That paisley print mini skirt, well, the print just really comes out now!

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