Knowing When to Walk Away…

…which coincidentally coincides with knowing when to admit defeat. I’ve given up, yes folks you heard it here first. I’ve lost the battle with my windows, they win. Even the undefeated duct tape has given up. All is lost…save yourselves!!!! I am off to lick my wounds…



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2 responses to “Knowing When to Walk Away…

  1. I checked out the window film and to cover all my windows would run over $560 plus my windows are super old, even the glass, which gives it the kind of cool fun-house mirror wavy effect. they are separated into 12 individual panes with lattice dividers (that don’t pop out) which equals major pain in the ass! But thanks for the heads up anyways!If I wasn’t so lazy I would make new blinds but I simply don’t want to make 16!!! Once upon a time I sold and designed custom window treatments, wish I would have bought them then! DOH!!!

  2. my landlord was telling me about this insulating film that you apply directly to the window pane- no adhesive or blow drying- they sell it at home depot, here's the link seems pretty pricey though, but then again I don't know what the dreaded blow dryer film costs…. BOOOOOO to drafty windows! If I dind't plan on moving from this apartment soon I would make up some insulating blinds from that stuff that Joann's sells…

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