Killing Birds, Metaphorically Speaking That Is!

My brain hurts! I just spent the last 5+ hours designing a new banner for my etsy shop. It all started last Saturday when my good friend Justine asked if I would like to have my Etsy shop critiqued. Always one for positive criticism I said sure. Besides if I didn’t like hearing what da bitch was saying, well shit I’ll just hang up on her! 🙂 She gave me lots of really great advice and one by one I’ve been making the adjustments and crossing them off my list. I’m a big list person, it gives me a sense of accomplishment!

Last night I started googling Photoshop cs2 banner tutorials. I don’t have a manual because my brother, the graphic designer, *shared* the program with me. Even if I did have the book I probably wouldn’t look in it anyway. I’m like *that guy* who refuses to stop for directions because I KNOW where I am going. Only when I am driving I am the first to pull over and ask because I am ALWAYS getting lost and having to turn around! And to think I was in sales at one time and had to drive everywhere. On a side note map quest fucking sucks!!!! Now where was I, oh yea tutorials, well they blow too! I wasn’t able to find what I was looking for. I did learn how to make watermarks on photos…score! These are not the kind that result from sitting a condensating glass on your picture, I am already very familiar with that method thank you very much! Kelly recently posted how some bitch on ebay…my words not hers, I don’t think she’s ever used a bad word in her life!…stole her pictures to post on an auction for buttons she was selling. Kelly makes some really adorable accessories and whatnots using buttons, check them out! The lady did not give credit where credit was due and let people assume these creations were made by her. Well they weren’t and Kelly happened to stumble on this auction. I was glad to hear she give her a big piece of her mind, in the polite Kelly way! 🙂 There have also been reports of people stealing other artists images and selling them as their own work. They get the money and never send the item because they never made it in the first place! So watermarking my photos was definitely on my to do list in a BIG way! Along with sharing pictures of a recent custom apron set which happen to be the watermarked photos! I love multitasking in a post, it’s like killing a whole flock of birds with one flame torch!OK, so the saying really goes It’s like killing two birds with one stone, but if you know me or you’ve been following my blog then you know I like putting my own spin on things!

Here are the pictures of my recent banner making adventures. I know the images are small but I have no idea how to enlarge them without making them distorted so just squint and deal with it people! The first one is my original design. In the second one I flipped the skirt order and added hemp to the title. Justine and I were talking earlier and she mentioned that search engines were looking at words in your banner and using them as tags…or something like that.

So next on the agenda is to start redoing my photographs, as in taking new ones outside to achieve better light quality. It sucks having so many artist friends because they all tell me different things and usually contradict each other. Jason says use a clean white background to not distract from the item you are selling and to use a dress form. J says show the fit on a real person. Yada Yada Yada Did I mention my head hurts!?!



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5 responses to “Killing Birds, Metaphorically Speaking That Is!

  1. Thanks Heather! Slowly but surly I am gonna conquer the Photoshop Beast!!!

  2. ahahaha, what I was really meaning to comment on was the banner- It looks really good, gets YOU across in a glimpse!

  3. I like to do both, the product alone (clean white background on my mannequin) and then if I can fit into the item or find someone to model (ahem, if i’m not feeling super lazy, ahem), I show it on the live person…. this way everyone is happy! As for the lighting issue, photoshop is your best friend…. learn to use “curves” and “levels” and you can almost work miracles…. ahh the joy of having worked at a photography studio and forced to learn photoshop, not so bad years later, hehe 🙂 Sweet applique design!

  4. typically I do the blank wall with me modeling the clothes…you’d think in a house with 16 windows I would get good light…but NOPE!

  5. Very nice banners!! You know, you could take a photograph of your item on a real person standing in front of a blank wall. Then both people win — neutral background and on a person. Oh, yes, there is also the natural lighting issue: Try to find an area in the house that has tons of light. Voila! All people are happy. Buuuuut, you hit on all the reasons I don’t really sell clothing online that often. I can never get good, really good, photos of them.It’s always a work in progress and, some day, somehow, one of us will figure out the magic solution to the picture conundrum *smiles*

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