And the Winner Is…

Tiffany Carter!! Lets give her a big round of applause…or how about the free Tea Wallet filled with gourmet teas like what was promised instead! Congrats Tiffany! Please select any of the available tea wallets from my website as your prize!

I’ve decided to start hosting random give aways as a way of saying Thank You to my very valued customers. The only qualification was you had to make a Pixy Patch purchase from either the website or Etsy during the month of November, no minimum dollar amount required. The first drawing was for a Tea Wallet like the one pictured below.

I would like to start doing these on a regular basis, maybe every other month or so. Each time offering up a different prize. I mean who doesn’t like winning something, it makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Kind of like the way my second supa spicy Bloody Mary is making me feel right now. MMMMM 🙂 And it’s kind of healthy, there’s vegetables in it, well V8 anyway! OK I’m gonna stop myself right there before I end up on some incoherent ramble about who knows what! Congrats again Tiffany!



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2 responses to “And the Winner Is…

  1. Thank Kelly! I ran the contest through my mailing list and myspace…and posted in Hippiesew. Next time I will probably post it on the site as well.I never know what people want but I figured with the holidays around the corner it can always be regifted!

  2. Very nice tea wallet *smiles* I totally missed out on entering your contest.I think I am going to have a giveaway soon….I just don’t know what people might actually want.

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