A Picture Perfect Day

A few months back I wrote a blog entry titled Creating Customs. There I shared with you pictures of a few pieces I had been working on. My favorite was and still is the wedding set I created for Colleen and Ben, who tied the knot this past Autumnal Equinox.

A few weeks ago I opened my PixyPatch mailbox to find several pictures of the lovely couple on their special day. I LOVE getting pictures of my customers sporting their PixyPatch threads! Since most of my sales are over the internet I never get to see their smiling faces, which I treasure so much! It brought me so much joy to see them in my creations that my eyes instantly welled with tears! Nothing touches me more then to see someone wearing something that I’ve made! But to be asked to create someones wedding attire, that was an absolute honor! Colleen was an absolute JOY to work with! No bridezilla here folks, which is always a fear of mine when working with a bride to be. You never know who you are dealing with at the other end of the computer!!! I was happy to hear that everything fit PERFECTLY and they could not have been happier! Every time I send out a custom order I am always so nervous that something is going to be slightly off or that it is not going to be the right fabrics etc. Lets face it I am going by someone elses measurements and how often do you ever measure yourself or know how to take proper garment measurements. I usually drive myself crazy with worry! But in the end I not only gained two very happy customers but a new friend as well!

So without further adieu here are some images for your viewing pleasure…

I find her expression here (pictured above) to be absolutely adorable! I just want to squeeze her in a big ol’ hug!!

Ben looks so handsome and Colleen is absolutely stunning! Her bouquet is just beautiful and I love the addition of the peacock feather! Seriously, are they not one of the cutest couples ever!!

I loved the idea of using a leaf arch

And what great use of ceiling space!



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4 responses to “A Picture Perfect Day

  1. You rock 🙂 and so do they 🙂 great job done by all. Looks like a pretty cool wedding!

  2. Stunning work! I love her dress and his pants!! You did a really really great job listening to your client because she blended with her other elements perfectly. Awesome!!

  3. Thanks Justine! I must concur on everything you just said! lol

  4. Danielle, she is beautiful! The dress complimented her day perfectly! I just love everything about it!Awesome job, mama!!

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