Here Comes the Tear Train…All Aboard

The way I see it there were many contributing factors. I’m sick. I’m expecting Aunt Flo to come knocking at any minute. I’m an animal lover and deep down I really do believe in the good of mankind. Regardless of the extenuating circumstances this video made me water works city! And you know, I was fine until that Whitney broad busted into the chorus! Damn her!

Despite my sarcastic ridged facade I really am a hopeless romantic. I believe in an all consuming, soulful, true love, the kind that time stand still for. I believe in it because I’ve felt it and been a part of it.

Anyway that’s enough gut churning mushy love talk for one day. I’d hate for anyone to lose their belly full of turkey day leftovers on my account! Here’s the video, I’ve got a game of lawn darts to play at a crowded childrens party! Mwhahahaha

On a side note, don’t you think my Jimmers looks like the a mini lion?? Or am I just reachin’ too far on that one??


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One response to “Here Comes the Tear Train…All Aboard

  1. This is how I imagine my pup Nula and I will reunite someday when we’ve both crossed the rainbow bridge; I know she’s there on the other side waitin for me.

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