Super Heal Me Food

My buddy Darwin has been trying to take me out ever since I was a little kid! I’ve had rabies shots, head injuries, internal bleeding, broken bones, been in really messed up car accidents that left me hospitalized. What’s so shitty is that I was in another car accident where the car flipped only a few days after I was released from the hospital from the first one, neither of which I was the driver! Much of my high school career I was called flip…when I wasn’t having freak shouted at me that is. 🙂

I can’t help it, despite diet and exercise I am constantly getting sick, that, or someone is trying to push me off a cliff. This is why my hermit status is so crucial for my survival! The minute I step out into the real world BAM I’m sick!!! Case in point my birthday was last month, my girlfriends and I went out for a night on the town. Jamie, my BFF was fighting a cold so the next day I woke up with it. Nice huh! Over this past weekend I went home for our pre-turkey day celebration, my family does things a little differently for the holidays but I like it that way! Anyway my mom and I went shopping, ran errands and had my niece’s holiday pictures taken. I was surrounded by runny nosed children at the portrait studio, not my niece mind you, and at the store people were hacking all over the place. Now I have been fighting the urge to get sick for 2 days!!! This does not have me excited about the upcoming tax season where 4 months during the year I actually *work for the man* and have to deal with an over whelming number of people. I usually have a perpetual cold from Jan till April 15Th! I just want one of those plastic sneeze guards around my desk! I bet I could make that happen!! 🙂

I like my food hot, not in temperature but in spiciness, as in burn your ass hole spicy. Hot food doesn’t bother me, probably since I worked in my good friend’s Thai family restaurant for so long. Being 5’10 I towered over everyone, it really was quite a funny sight to see when I stood next to one of the Asians. Customers would often ask who I was related to since everyone there was family.

I would often eat my food hotter than the Asians. I would hear Mae Pa and Pho Luung say “OH you eat so spicy, that too hot for me!” They are so freakin‘ cute, I just love them! To this day I can’t go back into Sukhothai with out being asked to come back to work for them! Which finally leads me to the topic of my rambling post…Super Heal Me Food!!!

I love pho, which is a Vietnamese noodle soup. When I go out for it I go ALL OUT and get all *old world style* on that shit. I won’t tell you what’s really in it, partially because I have no idea and sometimes it is better to just not ask! I will tell you this though, the last time I had pho in a restaurant was during a First Friday down town. Jason sat there with his mouth wide open in disbelief, completely impressed and slightly turned on. I have issues with meat and I can’t eat meat off the bone, but there I was elbow deep in super ethnic soup.

Now when I make pho at home my bowl is usually filled with fresh rice noodles, Asian style beef balls, cilantro, sprouts and lots of onion! Typically the broth should look like chicken soup, but as you can see mine is red hot baby!!! And yes, I eat it mainly using chop sticks! A spoon does come in handy for getting the *shovel effect* when you are stuffing yourself in an uncouth manner!

Last night’s pho was made a little differently. Since I used all my sprouts and cilantro in last weeks soup I changed it up a bit and made a super veggie pho. I wanted my veggies Al Dante but since the broth was soooo hot, temperature wise, it slightly over cooked them. It was still bang-a-lish though!

Typically the soup is served with cabbage (I believe) but I am not a big fan, so I use lettuce to soak up the saucy goodness. I can’t wait to have another big ol‘ bowl later today! mmmm mmmm good!!!


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  1. I have been meaning to tell you–this looks sooo yummy! Would love to hear more details on this one, mama. . .

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