Wrapped Around Her Little Finger

I admit it, I am completely smitten with my niece Cecelia. Can you blame me though? She is just so freakin’ cute with her big blue eyes and bright red hair! This little girl has my heart and has since birth! I am fortunate enough that I only live about a half hour away so I get to see her pretty regularly. I can’t believe how fast time passes! She will be 2 years this March and is finally at a stage where I can make her clothing that she does not grow out of in the blink of an eye!

A few days ago my brother phoned to see if I would watch her because he was asked by his former academic institution to film this semesters graduating class. I guess when you graduate magna cum laude you’re the *bees knees* and they call you back for stuff. Obviously I jumped at the chance to spend some one on one time with my favorite little peanut! When I arrived and walked through the door she squealed with delight and came charging across the room to greet me with a hug. Right then and there I melted, she had me at the squeal! We played hide and seek, watched some Pooh and Friends and practiced our animal noises which I could not resist recording on my camera!

Because I am always in her face with my camera she knows that she can see the video in the display window. So around and around she went trying to get to the other side to have a peek…I was getting dizzy just trying to keep up!

Part 1 Cow, Doggy, Kitty-my favorite, Sheep, Bear and Fish. *I taught her the bear* says the over smiley super proud Aunt DD!


Part 2 the Owl. I knew I was forgetting one of them!




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2 responses to “Wrapped Around Her Little Finger

  1. Me Too!! I just can’t get enough of the videos…they make me laugh!!!So I’m wondering, is it kosher to comment on ones own blog?? Well, seeing as this is MY blog, ummm YES, it is a unanimous decision! 🙂

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