Shroomy Goodness

I just adore mushrooms! Not only are they one of my favorite foods but they also rank pretty high up on the applique design chart. Here are pictures from an apron skirt I recently listed on my website.

I have always been fascinated with fungi. Maybe it’s their beautiful yet simple design or maybe it’s the whimsical stories about being little magical homes. I was a huge fan of the Smurfs as a child and still have my oh-so fab circa 1982ish Smurf Village sleeping bag! The only aspect I don’t like is that the mushrooms you find today will most likely not be here tomorrow. I found this cluster growing in my back yard the other day. Sadly they were gone by afternoon.

I even have a few fabulous vintage mushroom finds lurking about my kitchen.

My sugar bowl

My pepper shaker…sadly the salt decided to end it’s life by jumping off the stove one day. I heard the crash from my studio. 😦

I love my vintage serving tray and by the looks of Jimi licking his chops he concurs!

My canister set.

And last but not least my super cute wall pocket made by Julia of Petite Maison, a birthday gift to myself. She uses some of the cutest Japanese fabrics in her designs!!! You can also check out her blog here.


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