Hey Little Farm Girl YEE HAW!!!

Yep some guy actually yelled that at me in his best *Southern Style Green Acres* accent. I just rolled my eyes while Josh shook his head in disbelief and asked if he really just said that…oh yes, he really did just go there. 🙂

Jason and Josh did all the back breaking work, while most of my time was spent helping customers and doing the bitch work. Once in early May I helped to plant peppers and tomatoes. I think we did something like 3500 plants that day, all by hand! Seriously my legs, hips and ass have never been so soar in all my life! The guys would create a hole using a heavy iron pole while Shannon (Jason’s older brother) and I followed behind with the transplants. Oh yea, and during the month of March while Jase was still in Boston I helped farmer Josh lay hose and plastic by hanging onto the back of the tractor making sure it was feeding correctly.

This is the H. It is a 1949 Farmall H series. I believe it was Josh’s grandfather’s tractor. And yes, I think this tractors sexy!!

Customers were always complimenting us on our wagon set up, asking me if I had a degree in marketing. Much to their surprise I had nothing to do with it, it was all the guys! Here are a few pictures of the produce wagon as the season progressed.




*Late September*

When I wasn’t tending to customers or reading a book & working on my tan, hehe, I could be found in the shed cleaning and sorting buckets of tomatoes, stringing hot pepper garland, wiping gourds and squash or doing whatever *bitch work* needed done and there was ALWAYS something to do! On any given day I would clean anywhere from 8-13+ 5 gal buckets of tomatoes. After a few days I became very zen about it and could crank out 5 buckets in about an hour. It sure beats sitting on my ass in an office all day!!!

You know this outfit is *SEXY*! lol Sometimes people would give me the strangest looks, as if I had 2 heads. Oh well, like that is something new for me! ha!

I have lots more *Fun on the Farm* to share but I’ve decided to break it up into several posts. So until next time…


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  1. hehe, yeee hawwwwww! I bet it was your boots that turned him on, i get all kinds of strange cat calls when I wear mine…. although it’s usually from old dirty men at the festivals, but i guess that’s close enough to diry rednecks….. i agree, a day outside always beats a day in the office!

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