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A Picture Perfect Day

A few months back I wrote a blog entry titled Creating Customs. There I shared with you pictures of a few pieces I had been working on. My favorite was and still is the wedding set I created for Colleen and Ben, who tied the knot this past Autumnal Equinox.

A few weeks ago I opened my PixyPatch mailbox to find several pictures of the lovely couple on their special day. I LOVE getting pictures of my customers sporting their PixyPatch threads! Since most of my sales are over the internet I never get to see their smiling faces, which I treasure so much! It brought me so much joy to see them in my creations that my eyes instantly welled with tears! Nothing touches me more then to see someone wearing something that I’ve made! But to be asked to create someones wedding attire, that was an absolute honor! Colleen was an absolute JOY to work with! No bridezilla here folks, which is always a fear of mine when working with a bride to be. You never know who you are dealing with at the other end of the computer!!! I was happy to hear that everything fit PERFECTLY and they could not have been happier! Every time I send out a custom order I am always so nervous that something is going to be slightly off or that it is not going to be the right fabrics etc. Lets face it I am going by someone elses measurements and how often do you ever measure yourself or know how to take proper garment measurements. I usually drive myself crazy with worry! But in the end I not only gained two very happy customers but a new friend as well!

So without further adieu here are some images for your viewing pleasure…

I find her expression here (pictured above) to be absolutely adorable! I just want to squeeze her in a big ol’ hug!!

Ben looks so handsome and Colleen is absolutely stunning! Her bouquet is just beautiful and I love the addition of the peacock feather! Seriously, are they not one of the cutest couples ever!!

I loved the idea of using a leaf arch

And what great use of ceiling space!



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Here Comes the Tear Train…All Aboard

The way I see it there were many contributing factors. I’m sick. I’m expecting Aunt Flo to come knocking at any minute. I’m an animal lover and deep down I really do believe in the good of mankind. Regardless of the extenuating circumstances this video made me water works city! And you know, I was fine until that Whitney broad busted into the chorus! Damn her!

Despite my sarcastic ridged facade I really am a hopeless romantic. I believe in an all consuming, soulful, true love, the kind that time stand still for. I believe in it because I’ve felt it and been a part of it.

Anyway that’s enough gut churning mushy love talk for one day. I’d hate for anyone to lose their belly full of turkey day leftovers on my account! Here’s the video, I’ve got a game of lawn darts to play at a crowded childrens party! Mwhahahaha

On a side note, don’t you think my Jimmers looks like the a mini lion?? Or am I just reachin’ too far on that one??

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Wrapping Windows

Suddenly there came a tapping, as of some one gently rapping, rapping at my freezing cold, drafty, old ass windows!!! My house has a lot of charm. That is a polite way of saying it’s OLD!!! My windows still work on the peg and pulley system. As in push the peg in and lift or lower the window. Last year I should have covered them with plastic but I didn’t and unfortunately I could feel the chill in the air, especially on windy days, even with the storm windows closed! This year I decided to wrap them in window plastic. I’ve used this stuff once before in another old house I lived in, and let me tell you it is the biggest pain in the butt!!! I figured since I hadn’t used this product in several years, maybe they had made some improvements to it. After all, it is made by the same company who manufactures duct tape and we all know how much that stuff freakin‘ rocks, just ask MacGyver! Much to my dismay it still totally sucks! It’s the kind where you place the adhesive on the window frame, stick the plastic to it and then use a hair dryer to shrink wrap it tight. Sounds easy enough right, WRONG!!! It shrinks so tight that it pulls the adhesive right off the frame, along with the paint! So then you have to add more and it ends up turning into a big stuck together mess and I get all pissed off in the process. What fun for me! Last time I was so annoyed I ended up just duct taping the shit down…that will learn it just who’s boss! ME!

My other option is to apply the adhesive to the outside of the window frame. Great then I can’t adjust my blinds! They are either permanently open or closed all winter…umm yea, I think NOT! And switching my blinds from an inside to an outside mount is not an option either! So last night I pop in a Sex in the City DVD and start blowing the flaccid plastic into a taught smooth surface…sorry I just couldn’t resist!

I have 16 windows in my little house so this project is gonna take some time. I started with the 4 in my bedroom first. One by one I made my way around the room. I remove my valances, take down the blinds and then get the big ol‘ HELLO from a creepy squash bug! I hate these guys!!! They totally suck and completely destroyed my butternut squash plants this year! And as soon as the weather starts to turn they invade my humble abode making themselves right at home! They are chillin‘ in my drawers, hiding behind my blinds, creeping around in the rod pockets of my valences. The little bastards are everywhere and I can’t get rid of them! Seriously you have to kill them with radioactive isotopes! So with a quick flick of the finger I send them flying across the room and alert Jimi to their presence. Unfortunately he doesn’t like to eat them, just bat them around a bit. So I end up having to show them to the door reminding them that they live outside!

After about 2 painful hours I am finished and quite pleased with myself and my work. That is until I am laying in bed and I can hear the freakin‘ adhesive start to give way and the plastic starts pulling away from the frame. Son Of A Bee-Otch!!! I awake this morning to find not one but all four of my window followed suit!

So it was time to bring out the big dogs…duct tape to the rescue!! It’s ghetto but it works!


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Holy Cow

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Super Heal Me Food

My buddy Darwin has been trying to take me out ever since I was a little kid! I’ve had rabies shots, head injuries, internal bleeding, broken bones, been in really messed up car accidents that left me hospitalized. What’s so shitty is that I was in another car accident where the car flipped only a few days after I was released from the hospital from the first one, neither of which I was the driver! Much of my high school career I was called flip…when I wasn’t having freak shouted at me that is. 🙂

I can’t help it, despite diet and exercise I am constantly getting sick, that, or someone is trying to push me off a cliff. This is why my hermit status is so crucial for my survival! The minute I step out into the real world BAM I’m sick!!! Case in point my birthday was last month, my girlfriends and I went out for a night on the town. Jamie, my BFF was fighting a cold so the next day I woke up with it. Nice huh! Over this past weekend I went home for our pre-turkey day celebration, my family does things a little differently for the holidays but I like it that way! Anyway my mom and I went shopping, ran errands and had my niece’s holiday pictures taken. I was surrounded by runny nosed children at the portrait studio, not my niece mind you, and at the store people were hacking all over the place. Now I have been fighting the urge to get sick for 2 days!!! This does not have me excited about the upcoming tax season where 4 months during the year I actually *work for the man* and have to deal with an over whelming number of people. I usually have a perpetual cold from Jan till April 15Th! I just want one of those plastic sneeze guards around my desk! I bet I could make that happen!! 🙂

I like my food hot, not in temperature but in spiciness, as in burn your ass hole spicy. Hot food doesn’t bother me, probably since I worked in my good friend’s Thai family restaurant for so long. Being 5’10 I towered over everyone, it really was quite a funny sight to see when I stood next to one of the Asians. Customers would often ask who I was related to since everyone there was family.

I would often eat my food hotter than the Asians. I would hear Mae Pa and Pho Luung say “OH you eat so spicy, that too hot for me!” They are so freakin‘ cute, I just love them! To this day I can’t go back into Sukhothai with out being asked to come back to work for them! Which finally leads me to the topic of my rambling post…Super Heal Me Food!!!

I love pho, which is a Vietnamese noodle soup. When I go out for it I go ALL OUT and get all *old world style* on that shit. I won’t tell you what’s really in it, partially because I have no idea and sometimes it is better to just not ask! I will tell you this though, the last time I had pho in a restaurant was during a First Friday down town. Jason sat there with his mouth wide open in disbelief, completely impressed and slightly turned on. I have issues with meat and I can’t eat meat off the bone, but there I was elbow deep in super ethnic soup.

Now when I make pho at home my bowl is usually filled with fresh rice noodles, Asian style beef balls, cilantro, sprouts and lots of onion! Typically the broth should look like chicken soup, but as you can see mine is red hot baby!!! And yes, I eat it mainly using chop sticks! A spoon does come in handy for getting the *shovel effect* when you are stuffing yourself in an uncouth manner!

Last night’s pho was made a little differently. Since I used all my sprouts and cilantro in last weeks soup I changed it up a bit and made a super veggie pho. I wanted my veggies Al Dante but since the broth was soooo hot, temperature wise, it slightly over cooked them. It was still bang-a-lish though!

Typically the soup is served with cabbage (I believe) but I am not a big fan, so I use lettuce to soak up the saucy goodness. I can’t wait to have another big ol‘ bowl later today! mmmm mmmm good!!!

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Just a Taste

Today Lancaster County received it’s first dose of winter weather. Already at 5:30 NPR was reporting a slew of local accidents and the sun wasn’t even up yet. Yes, I get up at an ungodly hour but I love to sew in the wee hours of the morning. What can I say, I’m a freak!

As soon as the first flake descends from the sky people remove their heads from atop their shoulders and shove them as far up their ass as humanly possible. Then drive at warp speed to their destination, usually the grocery store so that they may purchase all the milk, bread and toilet paper, just in case the dusting of snow turns into a full fledged blizzard. Fucking idiots!

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Rest in Peat

I was hoping to get back into the blogging groove with something fun or creative, but alas, that is not the case. Today I received a call from farmer Josh informing me that our beloved little man Peat was hit by a car yesterday. That totally fucking sucks!!!! It is my fault that I am so upset because I just get so attached to my animal friends. When Janis had to be put down last January because of her seizure disorder, I was a train wreck for quite some time! I can’t help it though, cats are my favorite people! So as I sit here typing through my streaming tears I am remembering all the good times we shared this past summer. He was a good little farm kitten and will always hold a special place in our hearts!

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Love at First Bite

OK ladies, you know how sometimes you just NEED chocolate and if the craving is not satisfied you get all Incredible Hulk like and start flipping over cars and busting through walls and whatnot. Well this chocolate vegan ice cream from Wanting Kneading is the SHIT, the SHIZNIT, the BOMB, the BOMBDIGGITY, RE-GOD-DAMN-DICULOUS and any other delicious descriptive word, or non word for that matter! Seriously go and make it right now! You will not be disappointed, that is until you reach the end of the storage container and start to pout because you are now out!

-2 really ripe bananas
-1 package silken tofu
-1 can coconut milk (lite coconut milk can be used as well but the Asian market didn’t have it)
-2/3 cup cocoa
-1/2 cup brown sugar
-1 cup shredded coconut

Add ingredients together, mix and freeze. Seriously, it’s that easy. I used an immersion blender; you can go old school and mix it by hand using a potato masher as well. I imagine a regular blender would work as well but mine sux so I didn’t even try.

My only qualm is that it freezes really hard, not like regular ice cream that stays kind of soft. So I waited, somewhat impatiently, OK very impatiently, tapping my foot and giving the occasional stare down until I could scoop some out…maybe 20 minutes or so.

**Note to Starbucks dude – pictured below is an immersion blender.


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Wrapped Around Her Little Finger

I admit it, I am completely smitten with my niece Cecelia. Can you blame me though? She is just so freakin’ cute with her big blue eyes and bright red hair! This little girl has my heart and has since birth! I am fortunate enough that I only live about a half hour away so I get to see her pretty regularly. I can’t believe how fast time passes! She will be 2 years this March and is finally at a stage where I can make her clothing that she does not grow out of in the blink of an eye!

A few days ago my brother phoned to see if I would watch her because he was asked by his former academic institution to film this semesters graduating class. I guess when you graduate magna cum laude you’re the *bees knees* and they call you back for stuff. Obviously I jumped at the chance to spend some one on one time with my favorite little peanut! When I arrived and walked through the door she squealed with delight and came charging across the room to greet me with a hug. Right then and there I melted, she had me at the squeal! We played hide and seek, watched some Pooh and Friends and practiced our animal noises which I could not resist recording on my camera!

Because I am always in her face with my camera she knows that she can see the video in the display window. So around and around she went trying to get to the other side to have a peek…I was getting dizzy just trying to keep up!

Part 1 Cow, Doggy, Kitty-my favorite, Sheep, Bear and Fish. *I taught her the bear* says the over smiley super proud Aunt DD!

Part 2 the Owl. I knew I was forgetting one of them!


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Zucchini Patties

Ok I admit it, I had serious reservations about this recipe. I’m not completely sure why. Maybe it is because I was fearful of it turning out mushy and tasting like shit, or worse yet tasting like nothing. Boy was I glad to see I was WRONG. Yes I can admit it. I am not entirely right ALL the time, just most of the time . 🙂

I made some additions to the recipe because it did seam a bit boring.

2C grated zucchini
1/4C chopped onion
1/2C grated parmesan
2 eggs beaten
1/2C whole wheat flour (all purpose flour may be used as that is what the original recipe called for)
1/2C shredded mozzarella
salt and pepper to taste
garlic powder to taste
olive oil

Combine ingredients in a medium bowl and stir well. Heat a small amount of olive oil in a skillet over med heat. Drop zucchini mixture by heaping spoonfuls and cook a few minutes on each side until golden brown. Serve with tomato sauce or sour cream. Adding a squirt of sriracha to the sour cream gave it a nice kick. I can’t live with out that stuff!!!

I paired my patties with a veggie medley of broccoli, onion, carrots, swiss chard and goat cheese, all from my garden except the onion and goat cheese. 🙂 While the zucchini patties are best eaten fresh they weren’t bad reheated. I would just avoid the microwave as that will make them a bit soggy!

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