Hitting the Streets

Saturday was the American Cancer Society’s Making Strides Against Breast Cancer event in Harrisburg. Our team, The Boobie Brigade, consisted of Krystal, Cecelia, Elaine and myself.

Walking along the river front was windy and cold, especially in the early morning! At least the sun was out for most of the walk! Krystal’s dad supplied us with HACC hoodies which were super plush, warm and had pink in some form! Thanks again Allen! I pinned the names of the women and little mamas in my life that have lost their lives, are currently battling cancer or have had some form of the disease, onto the back of my hoodie.

Cecelia had the best show of support! She was all decked out in pink and was bundled up in her breast cancer quilt that was made for her and given as a baby shower gift! We all wanted to crawl under the warm fleecy goodness!

At the start of the walk you were given complementary bagels and water. The bottled water’s label was designed for the event as well as the ribbon shaped cranberry bagel! It was delish!

The scenery was exceptionally beautiful along the river front with the leaves beginning to peak! I absolutely love fall and Mother Nature’s display of color… it’s the only form of *fire works* I like! 🙂

All along the route there were supporters and survivors there to cheer on the walkers . Some areas had live music or radio stations promoting the event. The dancers reminded me of when I was in high school and was in the band front. Go ahead and laugh but it was way better than being a stupid cheer leader! Our school would participate in all the area holiday parades. The York Halloween Parade was the longest and always the coldest! Dancing and twirling a flag in a little costume-dress-leotard-thing for miles while it is sleeting sucks!

Towards the end there was a memorial garden where you could make a donation and have the name of a loved one placed there who passed away. The music that emanated from the harp was so enchanting!

We had such a good time getting together for such a great cause!


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