Presto Pesto

I’ve been putzin around a bit in my garden lately, mainly pulling out wooden stakes and organizing my garden shed. All that I have left growing really is broccoli, carrots, hot peppers, tomatoes and swiss chard. (which deserves it’s own post says the love struck puppy) I noticed I had quite a bit of basil grow back so instantly I was overwhelmed with the urge to make and eat pesto. What was even better was I had everything to make it without having to leave my house! YEA! I didn’t have a block of parm to grate, which I prefer, but I did have a fresh container of shakey cheese (crumbled parm) in the fridge.

I made one batch with pine nuts

and another with walnuts

I decided to try something different this time and freeze individual pesto pops.

They were a bit hard to remove from the ice cube trays at first, but after letting them sit on the counter for a few minutes they came out much easier. I think next time I will greese the insides of the trays with olive oil.

Each cube is enough pesto for 2 servings of pasta.


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  1. mmmmm pesto, my fav! I love the ice cube tray idea, I’ll have to try that one out next year đŸ™‚

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