Bend Over, Grab Your Ankles…

…and squeal like a little piggy.

Yep that’s me right now. Sometimes I really have the worst luck and once again all I can do is laugh about it…right? After my first iPod stopped working in 4 days I immediately started shopping for another one. Score! I found a 6th generation 80 GB iPod on Amazon. Sweet, it was 20 gb more than my last one and since I don’t watch tv at all, as in no channels all snow, but I listen to music constantly this was ideal. What could be better than a library of 20,000 songs!!! I purchased it from the seller lacking in feedback. I had reservations, damn womans intuition!!! But I though everyone is new at some point and maybe I was going to be their first transaction. Hey, I was a new seller at one time when I used ebay to promote my clothing. Of course my card was charged immediately and my iPod never arrived at my house. I contacted the seller and surprise surprise no response. I filed a claim with Amazon this morning and can expect my refund in about 2 weeks. Cool but I wanted this for my trip to Hawaii, 15 hours on a plane is a damn long time!!! So my search begins…AGAIN.


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