Wine, Wenches and more Wine

Yesterday my BFF and I embarked on our yearly tradition of going to the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire for the soul purpose of, well, getting drunk. 🙂 It just so happened that this weekend was the Wine Festival. Perfect! Our first stop upon entering the grounds was to find the wine tasting area. Of course it was packed tighter than a watering hole in Africa! We patiently, actually it was more like impatiently wait for people to move out so we can move in. Finally after a few strategic chess like moves we made our way to the counter. Yea! Let the drinking begin! We occupied our spaces just shy of an hour being sure to sample everything several times, even the ones we didn’t care for. You would be amazed how fast you can get smashed off of shots of wine. Our barman, if that is what you would call him, was a rather large man who wore nothing more than a toga and crown of ivy. Cute. He also has quite a collection of underarm skin tabs, you know those moley things that grow outward kind of like fingers. Fortunately with all the commotion he had a hard time keeping track of what we were sampling, score!

Next it was off to find some food. The meatless cuisines were slim pickings as always. While I am not a vegetarian, 95% of my diet does consist of fruits and veggies. I still eat sushi and occasionally will consume a bit of meat, usually it is to indulge Jason and Josh and to get them off my back and shut about it. Unfortunately this place was a carnivores smorgasbord! Everywhere you look people were walking around with enormous turkey legs. The ones you picture a King eating from days long ago. Well anyone who knows me knows exactly how I feel about that, and for those that don’t let my enlighten you…eating meat off a bone makes me throw up in my mouth! Literally! Jamie and I split a fry and I had an excellent portabella mushroom sandwich with sauce, onions and cheese, she had a cheese steak.

Next it time to parooze the shops and do a bit of people watching, one of my favorite hobbies! This family was quite entertaining!

And this lady had a hard time keeping her fingers out of her ass!
Lots of people on stilts. This guy had hooves for feet. EWWW because up close they looked REAL!

My favorite stained glass window scene!

Here is the creepy Jester. His costume hurt my eyes.

The yearly event takes place on the grounds of the Mt. Hope Estate and Winery, approximately 10 minutes from my house. The festival stretches over 35 acres so there is lots to see and do! I just love the architecture of the shops and buildings. I had entertained the idea of vending here for a season since it is full of handmade crafters. Unfortunately EVERYTHING right down to your set up has to be period appropriate…ie, no plastic on your tent which means no zip ties, etc. It’s more of a pain in the ass that what it’s worth!

One of my favorite glass blowers, Jenn Feldman of was there again. Last year I purchased one of her dichroic glass tree of life pendants and had them place it on a silver leaf necklace, which I happened to be wearing in the photo w/ Jamie. This year I was drooling over a stunning brown sunflower necklace. If I didn’t have a trip to Hawaii right around the corner I would have scooped that baby right up! Eventually it will be mine! mwhahahahaha


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