My Pet’s Cemetery

The cool Autumn temperatures over night have me keeping Jimi inside. I know he is insulated with his fluffy fur and fatness but still, I don’t want my little man getting cold. So I’ve been allowing him his freedom for a bit during the wee morning hours. Especially since this is when he likes to poop and then I don’t have to clean the litter box! Woo Hoo Me! And being the smart little kitty that he is, when he does his business outside it is on top the compost pile, Good Boy Jimi!!

This morning I got up about quarter till 5, made coffee and released Jimi into the wild. About 35 minutes later I hear a muffled knock at the door. I flip on the front porch light to see Jimi standing upright paws firmly planted on the glass excited as could be. I figured he was ready for his breakfast and opened the door to let him in. Upon further inspection of the immediate area I see today’s gift of gratitude, a HUGE morning dove. Great, at least it’s fully intact. I graciously accept my present and thank him with lots of *good boy* praises.

I wait till sunrise, throw on my hoodie and make my way to the garden shed to grab my trusty death shovel. I cautiously poke at the corpse with a stick to make sure it really is dead. The last thing I need is for this bird to come to life and fly into my face! I think the alien in my head would fall right off his pilots chair!

I scoop up the bird, walk out into my back yard, hop over my garden fence (in a skirt mind you) and proceed to start digging the grave. I made sure to dig the hole a little deeper this time after discovering 8″ is not far enough for the remains of a squirrel in the hot September summer. Especially when it is right under your kitchen window! GROSS!!!

Upon my reentry into the house my cell phone starts to ring, it’s my neighbor Sylvia. She is a super sweet lady in her early 70’s, almost like a second mom to me. She is always checking in to make sure I am ok, or bringing me dinner left overs because she cooked too much for just her. I answer the phone to hear her laughing. She was standing at her kitchen window watching the early morning antics of me prancing and dancing around while burring whatever it was I had. She could see that the body I was I was toting around on the shovel was quite large. I explained to her that today’s gift was an enormous morning dove and I was laying it to rest in Jimi’s garden of death.

So there she lies buried amongst the other woodland creatures that met an untimely death at the jaws and claws of my fierce little hunter. I feel bad for my furry and feathered friends but hey it’s an *eat or be eaten* kind of world, especially with my Jimmers lurking around!


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