Just call me Benedict Arnold

Fortunately the powers that be have smiled upon me and I was blessed with beautiful low maintenance locks! YEA! My annual upkeep includes a trim or two at most. Usually I just wash and wear, plain and simple.

Tonight I had an appointment with my stylist, Fay. Apparently hairdresser is no longer PC. She is great because when I tell her I want a trim with the least amount of length taken off she happily obliges. This mama’s hair is supa long so she knows exactly what I mean when I say *just clean it up*. I once thought SHE was going to cry while chopping off over a foot of my hair when I donated to locks of love.

My designated time slot is 5:45, so I arrive at 5:25. This way I can flip through the awkwardly large style books, you know the kind with the enormous pictures of heads, and see if something sticks out at me…and it never does, so long layers it is…again. As soon as I inform the front desk of my name I get the*Ohhhh yeaaaa, we’ve been trying to call you, but your number is no longer in service. Fay is out sick today*. Fabulous. I then update my information with the correct digets. They then ask if another stylist is ok. Ummm clearly it is going to have to be since I am already hear you damn well believe I am not going back home. So Geo is my pinch hitter and I am a traitor.

She was a nice lady is in her mid 30’s with 2 kids. We exchange the usual introductory chatter. This lady is all about the product add ons. I am there for one reason and that is to have my hair cut. I am not interested in any other services. We walk over to the washing station and I sit down. She then proceeds to ask me about an eyebrow wax. Um lady do you see my eyebrows? I haven’t had them waxed in over 10 years because I tweezed them for so long the hair follicles gave up and hair just doesn’t grow! It is actually pretty sweet and I wish I could do that with my legs!!! Being 5’10 I have a whole lotta leg to shave! She proceeds to wash my hair. Let me tell you, having someone else wash your hair feels soooooo good! It is always my favorite part, too bad the stupid sink with the cut out in the bowl for your head fucks it all up and makes my neck hurt! Stupid sink!

Normally I don’t put any product in my hair except my own hemp hair wax and my facial oil. Stylists love to use products. Geo rubbed a wonderful Moroccan oil in my hair that smelled soooo good. I then learned it was $40, yea I’ll pass. Besides my aunt and cousin own a salon so I can get it from them the next time I go home. She then shows me the other products she used. They must make a good commission off sale add ons because she was pulling out all the stops!

Because I did like the oil so much I did a google search on it. Turns out it is Argan Oil. One of the same ingredients in my facial oil and an oil I currently have stocked! Woo Hoo Happy Dance!!! I love when things work out that way!


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