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My 7 Randoms

I was tagged by the lovely Heather to post my 7 randoms. Not wanting to disappoint anyone I’ve happily obliged. You will never think of me in the same way again… mwhahahahahahahaha (evil laugh)

1. I love to watch people slip, trip and fall. Honestly I can’t contain myself and I explode with laughter. Now, with that being said you better believe I am the first one giggling when I loose it!

2. My freckles are patterned in star constellations. I kid you not! Clearly marked and somewhat relative in size I’ve got Orion, the Corona Borealis, Pegasus with the map leading over to the Andromeda galaxy.

3. I am a 4 leaf clover jedi master. No seriously. I have the ability to just look down into a patch of clover and find them pretty much instantly. I’ve been doing this all my life. In elementary school most of my recesses were spent picking them to be pressed. I still have quite a few resting in wax paper between the pages of several books.

4. Narcolepsy. Heather has driving narcolepsy, I suffer from sunset narcolepsy. It doesn’t matter if it’s summer and the days are long or it’s winter and the days are short. As soon as the sun sets I have to fight the overwhelming urge to pass out! Totally sucks when you are driving!!! Plus it doesn’t help that sleeping is one of my favorite things to do. Sometimes I even fantasize about it…the velvety touch of my sheets, the firm fullness of the pillows and the warm down in the comforter that envelops my body. Dear God is it getting hot in here??!

5. I spell words in my head. Like pretty much ALL of the time! It really gets annoying at times…like when some stupid kiddie show jingle gets stuck in your head and you want to stick your finger in a light socket just to make it stop! 🙂 Just now I keep respelling the word random, r-a-n-d-o-m-r-a-n-d-o-m-r-a-n-d-o-m over and over. Let me tell you how much fun that is especially since I am also spelling the words that I am typing. This I’ve been doing since I was a kid. Probably because I was taught to spell using whole word instead of phonics…stupid private school!!! All the research is right supporting phonics because I can’s spell worth a damn!!!

6. I perpetually check the mail, even if it’s already been delivered. Sometimes it comes twice, I shit you not! Receiving mail has always been something that I get excited about. Not sure why?? Maybe it’s because it reminds me of getting a surprise. You get to open something up and since the mail content changes from day to day you really have no idea what your going to get. Ok, maybe I am stretching it a bit with the whole surprise thing. Sure most of the times it’s just bills and they totally suck, but I still get some weird enjoyment from opening the envelope. With having my own business I get packages and all kinds of stuff in the mail so I think that is probably why I get hyper excited…like one of those annoying mini excuses for a dog that yaps as it feverishly bounces up and down. Today my 3rd, yes 3rd iPod in one month is scheduled to arrive. It is a UPS delivery so according to my stalker schedule that should be around 2:30. I’ve already begun spying on every large truck that travels down my street to see if my package is going to be early. And let me tell you there are A LOT with the feed mill being a few blocks to the south!

7. I am constantly being told I look like Alanis Morissette. It’s gotten to the point where I get enjoyment from cutting people off mid sentence just to burst their bubble because they think they are the first to ever say that. Yea, I guess that is kind of mean but whatever. I’m kind of a sarcastic bitch, it all evens out. Really it is due to us both having the same scull structure, that of French genetics. We both have a similar build with thin faces and long brown hair.


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Hitting the Streets

Saturday was the American Cancer Society’s Making Strides Against Breast Cancer event in Harrisburg. Our team, The Boobie Brigade, consisted of Krystal, Cecelia, Elaine and myself.

Walking along the river front was windy and cold, especially in the early morning! At least the sun was out for most of the walk! Krystal’s dad supplied us with HACC hoodies which were super plush, warm and had pink in some form! Thanks again Allen! I pinned the names of the women and little mamas in my life that have lost their lives, are currently battling cancer or have had some form of the disease, onto the back of my hoodie.

Cecelia had the best show of support! She was all decked out in pink and was bundled up in her breast cancer quilt that was made for her and given as a baby shower gift! We all wanted to crawl under the warm fleecy goodness!

At the start of the walk you were given complementary bagels and water. The bottled water’s label was designed for the event as well as the ribbon shaped cranberry bagel! It was delish!

The scenery was exceptionally beautiful along the river front with the leaves beginning to peak! I absolutely love fall and Mother Nature’s display of color… it’s the only form of *fire works* I like! 🙂

All along the route there were supporters and survivors there to cheer on the walkers . Some areas had live music or radio stations promoting the event. The dancers reminded me of when I was in high school and was in the band front. Go ahead and laugh but it was way better than being a stupid cheer leader! Our school would participate in all the area holiday parades. The York Halloween Parade was the longest and always the coldest! Dancing and twirling a flag in a little costume-dress-leotard-thing for miles while it is sleeting sucks!

Towards the end there was a memorial garden where you could make a donation and have the name of a loved one placed there who passed away. The music that emanated from the harp was so enchanting!

We had such a good time getting together for such a great cause!

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The Prettiest Veggie in the Garden

Ok, I admit it. Yes, I planted it because it was pretty, but can you blame me? Sounds like such a stupid girl answer, huh.

Please ignore my weeds, it is the end of the season and I’ve stopped caring! 🙂 Swiss Chard had been growing in my garden all summer long and I had no idea what to do with it! I’ve heard people say you eat it just like greens but I hadn’t the foggiest idea what to put it in. So when in doubt, ask, and I did. I remembered Tree posting a message about the swiss chard in her garden. She give me a head full of food ideas. This leafy green has made it into two meals in two consecitive days…I would say that this veggie is a winner!!!

Last night I sauteed carrots, broccoli and swiss chard (all from my garden) in some olive oil and added garlic salt, onion powder and a pepper medley. DELISH!!!

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Presto Pesto

I’ve been putzin around a bit in my garden lately, mainly pulling out wooden stakes and organizing my garden shed. All that I have left growing really is broccoli, carrots, hot peppers, tomatoes and swiss chard. (which deserves it’s own post says the love struck puppy) I noticed I had quite a bit of basil grow back so instantly I was overwhelmed with the urge to make and eat pesto. What was even better was I had everything to make it without having to leave my house! YEA! I didn’t have a block of parm to grate, which I prefer, but I did have a fresh container of shakey cheese (crumbled parm) in the fridge.

I made one batch with pine nuts

and another with walnuts

I decided to try something different this time and freeze individual pesto pops.

They were a bit hard to remove from the ice cube trays at first, but after letting them sit on the counter for a few minutes they came out much easier. I think next time I will greese the insides of the trays with olive oil.

Each cube is enough pesto for 2 servings of pasta.

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Happy Birthday John

You are truly, deeply missed. The light from your love shines brightly…

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Bend Over, Grab Your Ankles…

…and squeal like a little piggy.

Yep that’s me right now. Sometimes I really have the worst luck and once again all I can do is laugh about it…right? After my first iPod stopped working in 4 days I immediately started shopping for another one. Score! I found a 6th generation 80 GB iPod on Amazon. Sweet, it was 20 gb more than my last one and since I don’t watch tv at all, as in no channels all snow, but I listen to music constantly this was ideal. What could be better than a library of 20,000 songs!!! I purchased it from the seller lacking in feedback. I had reservations, damn womans intuition!!! But I though everyone is new at some point and maybe I was going to be their first transaction. Hey, I was a new seller at one time when I used ebay to promote my clothing. Of course my card was charged immediately and my iPod never arrived at my house. I contacted the seller and surprise surprise no response. I filed a claim with Amazon this morning and can expect my refund in about 2 weeks. Cool but I wanted this for my trip to Hawaii, 15 hours on a plane is a damn long time!!! So my search begins…AGAIN.

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Wine, Wenches and more Wine

Yesterday my BFF and I embarked on our yearly tradition of going to the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire for the soul purpose of, well, getting drunk. 🙂 It just so happened that this weekend was the Wine Festival. Perfect! Our first stop upon entering the grounds was to find the wine tasting area. Of course it was packed tighter than a watering hole in Africa! We patiently, actually it was more like impatiently wait for people to move out so we can move in. Finally after a few strategic chess like moves we made our way to the counter. Yea! Let the drinking begin! We occupied our spaces just shy of an hour being sure to sample everything several times, even the ones we didn’t care for. You would be amazed how fast you can get smashed off of shots of wine. Our barman, if that is what you would call him, was a rather large man who wore nothing more than a toga and crown of ivy. Cute. He also has quite a collection of underarm skin tabs, you know those moley things that grow outward kind of like fingers. Fortunately with all the commotion he had a hard time keeping track of what we were sampling, score!

Next it was off to find some food. The meatless cuisines were slim pickings as always. While I am not a vegetarian, 95% of my diet does consist of fruits and veggies. I still eat sushi and occasionally will consume a bit of meat, usually it is to indulge Jason and Josh and to get them off my back and shut about it. Unfortunately this place was a carnivores smorgasbord! Everywhere you look people were walking around with enormous turkey legs. The ones you picture a King eating from days long ago. Well anyone who knows me knows exactly how I feel about that, and for those that don’t let my enlighten you…eating meat off a bone makes me throw up in my mouth! Literally! Jamie and I split a fry and I had an excellent portabella mushroom sandwich with sauce, onions and cheese, she had a cheese steak.

Next it time to parooze the shops and do a bit of people watching, one of my favorite hobbies! This family was quite entertaining!

And this lady had a hard time keeping her fingers out of her ass!
Lots of people on stilts. This guy had hooves for feet. EWWW because up close they looked REAL!

My favorite stained glass window scene!

Here is the creepy Jester. His costume hurt my eyes.

The yearly event takes place on the grounds of the Mt. Hope Estate and Winery, approximately 10 minutes from my house. The festival stretches over 35 acres so there is lots to see and do! I just love the architecture of the shops and buildings. I had entertained the idea of vending here for a season since it is full of handmade crafters. Unfortunately EVERYTHING right down to your set up has to be period appropriate…ie, no plastic on your tent which means no zip ties, etc. It’s more of a pain in the ass that what it’s worth!

One of my favorite glass blowers, Jenn Feldman of was there again. Last year I purchased one of her dichroic glass tree of life pendants and had them place it on a silver leaf necklace, which I happened to be wearing in the photo w/ Jamie. This year I was drooling over a stunning brown sunflower necklace. If I didn’t have a trip to Hawaii right around the corner I would have scooped that baby right up! Eventually it will be mine! mwhahahahaha

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My Pet’s Cemetery

The cool Autumn temperatures over night have me keeping Jimi inside. I know he is insulated with his fluffy fur and fatness but still, I don’t want my little man getting cold. So I’ve been allowing him his freedom for a bit during the wee morning hours. Especially since this is when he likes to poop and then I don’t have to clean the litter box! Woo Hoo Me! And being the smart little kitty that he is, when he does his business outside it is on top the compost pile, Good Boy Jimi!!

This morning I got up about quarter till 5, made coffee and released Jimi into the wild. About 35 minutes later I hear a muffled knock at the door. I flip on the front porch light to see Jimi standing upright paws firmly planted on the glass excited as could be. I figured he was ready for his breakfast and opened the door to let him in. Upon further inspection of the immediate area I see today’s gift of gratitude, a HUGE morning dove. Great, at least it’s fully intact. I graciously accept my present and thank him with lots of *good boy* praises.

I wait till sunrise, throw on my hoodie and make my way to the garden shed to grab my trusty death shovel. I cautiously poke at the corpse with a stick to make sure it really is dead. The last thing I need is for this bird to come to life and fly into my face! I think the alien in my head would fall right off his pilots chair!

I scoop up the bird, walk out into my back yard, hop over my garden fence (in a skirt mind you) and proceed to start digging the grave. I made sure to dig the hole a little deeper this time after discovering 8″ is not far enough for the remains of a squirrel in the hot September summer. Especially when it is right under your kitchen window! GROSS!!!

Upon my reentry into the house my cell phone starts to ring, it’s my neighbor Sylvia. She is a super sweet lady in her early 70’s, almost like a second mom to me. She is always checking in to make sure I am ok, or bringing me dinner left overs because she cooked too much for just her. I answer the phone to hear her laughing. She was standing at her kitchen window watching the early morning antics of me prancing and dancing around while burring whatever it was I had. She could see that the body I was I was toting around on the shovel was quite large. I explained to her that today’s gift was an enormous morning dove and I was laying it to rest in Jimi’s garden of death.

So there she lies buried amongst the other woodland creatures that met an untimely death at the jaws and claws of my fierce little hunter. I feel bad for my furry and feathered friends but hey it’s an *eat or be eaten* kind of world, especially with my Jimmers lurking around!

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Just call me Benedict Arnold

Fortunately the powers that be have smiled upon me and I was blessed with beautiful low maintenance locks! YEA! My annual upkeep includes a trim or two at most. Usually I just wash and wear, plain and simple.

Tonight I had an appointment with my stylist, Fay. Apparently hairdresser is no longer PC. She is great because when I tell her I want a trim with the least amount of length taken off she happily obliges. This mama’s hair is supa long so she knows exactly what I mean when I say *just clean it up*. I once thought SHE was going to cry while chopping off over a foot of my hair when I donated to locks of love.

My designated time slot is 5:45, so I arrive at 5:25. This way I can flip through the awkwardly large style books, you know the kind with the enormous pictures of heads, and see if something sticks out at me…and it never does, so long layers it is…again. As soon as I inform the front desk of my name I get the*Ohhhh yeaaaa, we’ve been trying to call you, but your number is no longer in service. Fay is out sick today*. Fabulous. I then update my information with the correct digets. They then ask if another stylist is ok. Ummm clearly it is going to have to be since I am already hear you damn well believe I am not going back home. So Geo is my pinch hitter and I am a traitor.

She was a nice lady is in her mid 30’s with 2 kids. We exchange the usual introductory chatter. This lady is all about the product add ons. I am there for one reason and that is to have my hair cut. I am not interested in any other services. We walk over to the washing station and I sit down. She then proceeds to ask me about an eyebrow wax. Um lady do you see my eyebrows? I haven’t had them waxed in over 10 years because I tweezed them for so long the hair follicles gave up and hair just doesn’t grow! It is actually pretty sweet and I wish I could do that with my legs!!! Being 5’10 I have a whole lotta leg to shave! She proceeds to wash my hair. Let me tell you, having someone else wash your hair feels soooooo good! It is always my favorite part, too bad the stupid sink with the cut out in the bowl for your head fucks it all up and makes my neck hurt! Stupid sink!

Normally I don’t put any product in my hair except my own hemp hair wax and my facial oil. Stylists love to use products. Geo rubbed a wonderful Moroccan oil in my hair that smelled soooo good. I then learned it was $40, yea I’ll pass. Besides my aunt and cousin own a salon so I can get it from them the next time I go home. She then shows me the other products she used. They must make a good commission off sale add ons because she was pulling out all the stops!

Because I did like the oil so much I did a google search on it. Turns out it is Argan Oil. One of the same ingredients in my facial oil and an oil I currently have stocked! Woo Hoo Happy Dance!!! I love when things work out that way!

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