Boobie Brigade

I will be participating in the American Cancer Society Making Strides Against Breast Cancer event in Harrisburg on October 18th. I’ve been mass emailing all my friends and family to persuade them in joining my team or making a donation. Hey they do it to me so it is only fair I do it right back to them, and besides who doesn’t like boobies!! 🙂

Our team name is the Boobie Brigade, thought up by yours truly. 🙂 I figure I will use all possible outlets at my disposal to get the word out. Not sure if anyone really reads my blog, except my stitchin sisters, so I may be talking to myself…which I normally do anyway, but I digress.

Here is the link to my page.

So why am I walking you ask? Well, it is more like who are the people I am walking for. Cancer is cancer no matter what form it takes or what system it’s effecting. This disease has touched so many people in my life. My mother is a cancer survivor, my aunt lost her life to uterine cancer. Last year a long time friend lost her 5 year old daughter to Leukemia and another friend’s daughter, who is turning 3 the end of October is currently battling Leukemia. My soon to be sister in law’s aunt was just diagnosed and another friend lost his mother to breast cancer last October. Those are my reasons for doing what I am doing.

Earlier in the year I made a charity piece for the American Cancer Society in memory of a lost life. Upon the sale of this item all proceeds will be donated to cancer research. Here is the link to my web page for the donation item.


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