Practice makes Perfect

Ever since I was a child all I’ve ever wanted to do was learn to play the piano. My mother, who played as a child, always said “no, it is a piece of furniture and when the time comes we are not going to move it!” So I ended up with a very transportable clarinet…woo hoo for wood winds…not! About 2 years ago part of my dream came true when clients of mine were giving away his mother’s piano. They decided they were going to upgrade to a baby grand, must be nice. So when they asked if I knew anyone looking for a piano I about fell over! Oh Me Me Me said the child in the back of the classroom with her arm stretched so high and waving frantically she about falls out of her chair!! So we, Jason and I, rented a Uhaul, went to my clients home and picked it up. Since then I’ve moved it one other time. Oh and don’t tell my mom but IT IS a big heavy piece of furniture! Doh! Why is she ALWAYS right!?!

I can’t read music nor can I really play by ear, I am a bit (more like a lot) tone deaf. 🙂 So instead of hiring a classicaly trained teacher, I’ve been teaching myself by watching someone play the song first, then I figure out the notes and memorize it. Clearly I like doing things the hard way! lol Eventually I will have to get lessons because I am very serious about mastering, or at least getting a good handle on this instrument, and I don’t want to develop any bad playing habits. Besides it will make learning to play my guitar all the more easier.

Here is a short video I shot last night while practicing one of my favorite songs, 9 Crimes by Damion Rice. The song basically repeats itself the entire time so it was really easy to pick up. I play it at a slightly slower tempo and press the damper pedal to sustain the notes. I really think the melody is just beautiful, somewhat dramatic and even a bit haunting. Upon reviewing my video I’ve also come to the conclusion that I will have to get a metronome because I really do vary the tempo at times. Oops is that a bad habit starting already??

You can also catch a glimpse of my new pants I made yesterday. Well they really aren’t *new* as I have had them since college and this is the second time I’ve revamped them with side panels, but you get the point! 🙂 The patchwork was done randomly while using a vintage bird and flower print and corduroy in green and gold.


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