Mary Kay Mischeif

Is it a prerequisite in the face color industry to be pushy, overbearing and never take no for an answer? Don’t get me wrong I have nothing against sales people, at one point in my life I was one and a good one at that. There is a way to push people without them knowing you are applying pressure, thank you Tommy Hopkins! I have gone through so many Mary Kay ladies for the reasons mentioned above. I am not a girly girl and rarely wear makeup. I am what you call *el natural*! 🙂 Besides I am sure the cows on the farm could give two shits if I happen to be wearing eyeliner as I am filling up the trough with left over produce. During the 4 months out of the year when I am working in an office is really the only time I will get all *fancied up*. Even then you can barely tell I have anything on. People tend to forget the rule less is more, makeup is not war paint people!

I emailed my sales rep with my order, cause you know she sure as hell isn’t getting my number! It is bad enough she knows where I live! I wanted to reorder a few eye shadows and a bottle of oil free eye makeup remover. Which by the way is the best product on the market for gently removing mascara. This past spring Mary Kay redesigned their line and of course all the new products don’t fit inside the old compacts, forcing you to spent a ridiculous amount of money on the new system. Um no thank you! I asked my consultant if she still had the colors I was looking for in the old packaging. She said she would check with her sister consultants and get back to me. Well she did find them and I was a happy camper.

Making sure to avoid yet another pushy covo about booking a party or facial or whatever the sales gimmick is that season, I picked a time when I knew I would not be around and she could just drop off my order. 🙂 Upon my return I happily saw the very noticeable bag in a lovely shade of retina burning pink hanging between my front doors. I opened it up to put everything away only to find the *sister consultant* had placed her contact info inside the packaging of my eyeshadow. Tricky, Tricky, Shadey McShaderson! What some people won’t do to gain another customer! Guess she really wants that pink Cadillac!


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