Gifts from the Heart

Today I have a house warming party to attend in Harrisburg for my brother and his fiance, Krystal. They recently purchased and moved into a a beautiful 3 floor town home. Their previous residence was a one floor one bedroom condo that overnight became too small once my niece, Cecelia was born.

The new kitchen is being decorated in a rooster theme, so that is what I decided to make the focal point of inspiration for my gift. Earlier in the week I was flipping though one of my cross stitch books, low and behold there was a pattern for a rooster! woo hoo! I then remembered I had several kitchen towels in a crafting basket just waiting to be hand embroidered. I’ve probably had these blanks for over 13 years now. I just can’t seem to part with items that I know will come in use later in life…aka blank kitchen towels. I get my pack rat gene honestly. My step father always half jokes that if they loose everything in the stock market they will just open up the house as a gift shop. My mother is extremely talented in interior design. Every home she has ever built and decorated looks like it came right out of the pages of Better Homes and Gardens. It is actually kind of annoying because growing up we always had formal rooms that my brother and I were banned from entering. Mostly me because I was always getting into the curio cabinet and taking out the antique dolls from the 18 hundreds. They just looked so sad sitting there behind glass…I just had to set them free! 🙂 Anyway, I am off on a ramble, back to the point of this blog…roosters on kitchen towels, right. Krystal’s favorite color is purple so I thought purple roosters would be fitting. I had to mirror the image which was a pain in the butt because I would forget at times and then have to rip out several rows of stitching. UGH! In the end it turned out super cute and I was happy to be finished with the project!

I had found some really cute rooster themed napkins and a magnetic note pad and my local True Value hardware store, Longenecklers. That store is awesome and has everything! There is a farm & building section, crafting & yarn supplies, candles, holiday decorations, a garden center, home appliances and anything else you need. Their prices are a bit higher, by about 25% but it is right down the street and I am all about supporting small/local businesses!

I tossed in one of my newly canned jars of organic grape jelly, which also happens to be Krystal’s favorite flavor!

Unfortunately I didn’t have a rooster gift bag so I decorated a recycled one with some flower stickers. This is where mom’s craft closet would have come in handy because I am sure she would of had 5 for me to choose from, all with coordinating tissue paper no doubt! lol

All in all I think the gift turned out nice and I know it is all items that they will use. There is nothing more frustrating than receiving a thoughtless gift you know you will go directly into the closet and never get used!


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