Kitchen Kraftyness

Since my grape jelly was such a success I decided to try my hand at canning fresh juice. I picked about 10 lbs of grapes off the vine last night. If there is anything that rivals picking strawberries it is grapes. The constant up and down and side to side quickly alleviated any guilt associated with not exercising earlier in the day! I prepared the grapes in much the same way as I did when making jelly. Mash, boil, strain, then I let the juice chill over night, restrained and reboiled then canned it in pint jars. Most recipes call for adding sugar to taste, I omit this step as I find the natural juice to be sweet enough. From the 5 lbs of grapes, I was able to yield 4 pints of fresh juice. I think I am going to make more jelly with the rest of the grapes. 🙂

I also spent a bit of time in my garden picking peppers for freezing. I had an over abundance of banana and jalapenos so I sliced a few and froze them on a cookie sheet so they could be placed into freezer bags w/o sticking together.

I also made my famous kick ass curry for diner the other night, it’s always a hit at the festivals! Curry can be made several different ways. I make it the same way we use to at my friend’s Thai restaurant, coconut milk and paste. You can use powder but the paste is more potent and just tastes better all around! Usually I will use Basmati rice but I decided to switch it up with a bit of Jasmine this go round!

While my tofu was pressing I started cooking the rice. I chopped up some organic beets and carrots from my garden along with a potato and some of farmer Josh’s onions and garlic. I sauteed them in clarified butter, sometimes I use EVOO. (stupid Rachel Ray’s abbreviation)

After a few moments I stirred in the cubed tofu, some jalapenos, banana peppers, green beans and shrooms. While that was cooking I started to simmer the coconut milk.

Once the coconut milk starts to lightly bubble add the curry paste. You want to be careful that you do not *break* the milk, that will cause it to seperate and get kind of a grainey curdled look. It still tastes ok just has a funny consistancy. Simmer the milk just long enough to mix the paste and then pour it over the cooked veggies. Simmer for about 3-5 minutes, allowing the flavors to marry.

Remove from heat, spoon over rice add chop sticks and enjoy!


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  1. YUM!I like making curry too. I make mine from herbs and spices, but that brand of paste IS really super good. i never thought about using it with coconut milk, I am gonna do that next time I make it. Hubby LOVES coconut milk, but it always puts us to sleep! Does it make you sleepy too or is it just us? LOL

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