Family Tyme

Every Autumnal Equinox weekend my mother’s side of the family eagerly travels towards our annual family reunion, held at my parent’s (mom and step-dad) cabin in Everette Pa. Most campers start rollin’ in early Friday afternoon. Tents are popped, food begins to cook and the party continues till about noon Sunday when goodbyes are exchanged and the anticipation for next years event returns.

During the course of the weekend everyone gathers for the family photo. This year’s t-shirts were forest green and read *Days End Farm* Where Memories are Made*. Now that my parents are retired at the end of the day they can be found relaxing on the front porch swing growing memories. That is the explanation my mom had for this year’s theme. Gee, I wonder if it is hard to spot me in the photo! 🙂

The weekend is spent doing whatever, time is passed listening to music, relaxing in the hammocks, chatting around a campfire or gathered around the dinner table. Games of Pong Ball are set up, one for the adults and one for the kids. It is always fun to cool off after a long hike with a 3 wheeler or gator ride through the fields. Eventually someone has to go into town when they realize the forgot to pack an item or for a much needed beer run. This is always a good way to take in the *local scene*.

Saturday my mom, Jack and I went for a 3 mile hike around the loop. I came across the path of an interesting worm and had to stop for a picture.

I took a moment to snap a few pictures of the surrounding scenery, and to give my parents time to catch up and have a breather! I was happy to see I was in better shape than I though, guess that farm work is doin’ me good! This is looking out over the back side of the property.

Here are a few random shots from the weekend.

I was able to shoot some video footage of my adorable niece, Cecelia getting down to some bluegrass. Looks like I may have a festival buddy in the making! Sorry the video is sideways! I always forget that even though the display window shows an upright image it really is sideways. And of course I have no idea how to flip it!


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