The Power of 3

Sometimes in life all you can do is laugh!

Monday evening my new iPod and I do mean new as in 4 days new decided to stop working. It was plugged into the wall charging away, then all of a sudden the screen went blank and it would not turn on. I then plugged it into my laptop, still nothing. I ran several diagnostic tests through itunes. It tells me that the unit is not plugged in…ummm yea it is cause I am looking right at it. Currently my iPod is in transit back to AZ and I am awaiting my refund. Awesome!

Tuesday night my DVD player stops working. Granted I’ve had it since college and it has been heavily used. but still! So now when I load a disk it tells me that it can not be read. Great!

Wednesday I’m getting ready to mow my yard. I don’t like mowing my yard but it comes with the house, therefor I have to deal with it. It usually takes me about an hour total, 45 minutes if I am haulin’ ass, which I usually do. It’s an excellent cardio workout especially since my mower is NOT self propelled. I have to push it, and yes, I purposely purchased it that way. Physical labor is good! At least that is what I keep telling myself! So anyway, I grab my disk man, cause you know what happened to my iPod, I load a disk and nothing but the scratchy spinning noise. I load another disk and another disk and another disk, still nothing. Mother Fucker! That’s 3 different electronics in 3 consecutive days!


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