The Pleasant Powerhouse

“A force to be reckoned with, the 1978 Libra cuts an impressive figure. Somehow, you manage to be intimidating and charming at the same time. Still, you aim to build consensus and few will refuse your requests.
Marvelously artistic, you’d make an excellent trendsetter. A career in fashion, hairdressing or cosmetics could suit you very well. Alternately, you could also write romantic stories that provide folks with a blessed escape from reality. You could even become a motivational speaker. Whatever your job, it should involve setting an example for others. Showing people how to lead a more beautiful or fulfilling life would be a wonderful use of your time.
You enjoy spending money as fast as you make it and probably have an opulent lifestyle. Buying beautiful things for your home may be your favorite hobby; you could be a regular visitor at flea markets and estate sales. Fortunately, you’ve got great intuition when it comes to money. Profitable investments can keep you afloat, even in the difficult times. You would be wise, however to set something aside for your retirement, just as a safety measure.
People with a spiritual bent have a friend in you. You can spend hours and hours discussing philosophical subjects with Librans, Sagittarians, Aquarians, and Pisceans. In love, you need a mate who is kind, patient, and constant. An impetuous partner would throw you off balance; you need to be secure in the knowledge that your relationship sits on solid ground.
Your greatest challange is to apply your considerable charm to a positive purpose. You can acomplish great things if you wish, especially in the arts. You biggest strength is your ability to uplift people. Folks draw inspiration from your vivid imagination, giving you a sense of divine purpose.”

Passage from “Your Birthday Sign Through Time”

It must be written in the stars because this book has me pegged!


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